It’s a Schwinn-win situation.

I’m constantly surprised by what God does for me.  I think I’m surprised by the fact that He still surprises me.  The van situation a few months ago was a biggie and I’m still really enjoying the Silver Surfer.  One day I’ll get one with all the bells and whistles but for now, I’m loving the stow-and-go and the fact that the vehicle fits my family.

This week a similar situation happened to me but on a much smaller scale.  For over a year I’ve known my jogging stroller was not the best.  When I run the front wheel shakes so badly that it makes the run impossible.  We took our original one back and exchanged it for the exact same stroller in case it was an isolated problem.  Not so much.  The new one did the exact same thing.  The stroller is PERFECT for strolling around the cobblestone streets of Europe but is practically unusable for jogging.

I began looking for a replacement a few months ago but got discouraged when I found no joggers in my price range that looked like they’d be any better than what I already had.  It seemed they were either $120 (like mine) with mixed reviews, had a fixed front wheel, which I will not even consider owning, or cost over $450, which I will not pay.

I had a buyer worked out for my current stroller, someone who knew of its issues but only wanted it for the walking-on-cobblestone streets functionality.  This “buyer” happens to be Aimee, and she happened to ask me about a month ago if I had had any luck finding a replacement jogger.  My reply was that I had not but I’d keep looking.  We were both looking for joggers, one for me to run with and/or one for her to use for sight-seeing.  Both of us were coming up empty handed.

Tuesday Aimee was over for coffee and we were discussing our upcoming trip to England to visit Jessica (and the rest of the Hills, of course).  She needs a jogger by then.  I pulled up a few websites to show her what I had found online.  The stroller with the best reviews that would work for RUNNING was, at its cheapest, $449.  UGH!  I simply can’t do that for my fourth child who is already 2.  Maybe if I had been a runner when I was having my first child and knew I’d get 10 years out of it.  Maybe not.

I just happened to google the right combination of words and found just the stroller.  I was shocked and amazed, as was Aimee.  Right before my eyes was a stroller by a very reputable bike company and it was in my price range.

All the reviews were good and people said it was great for running!  I had to leave the website up to do more research later, but I told Aimee that, barring any kind of major flaws, I’d order it the next day.  That would mean that I’d  have my jogger for the warmer weather coming up and she’d have hers (my used one) by the time we went to England!  WHOO-HOO!!  FINALLY!

Now to the good part.

I loaded all the boys up for the AWANA Grand Prix at the chapel.  Parker was walking with Hayden and I was pushing the stroller which was going to be used as a containment device during the races.  As I walked in, before I had even made eye contact with anyone, I  heard, “Ahhh… the stroller with the shaky front wheel.”  I looked up to see some friends of ours who had had us over to dinner last month.  While at their house I had used their jogger as a high chair (containment device) so we could eat without worrying that Parker was going to fall down their exposed staircase.  While he was sitting in theirs I was ohhing and ahhing over it and asked how they liked it.  They gave it good reviews and said they had really enjoyed it.

Back to the Grand Prix:  The next thing I heard was the wife saying, “You know.  I’m just going to give you our stroller.  We are not using it like we thought and we just need to get our child a bike.”  I had not even gotten through the door completely when I heard these two sentences.  Not 30 minutes before this I was researching joggers and here I was being offered one.

I was floored.  In order to not take advantage of them I told them to go home, talk about it and come up with a price that worked.  I would be more than happy to buy it from them at whatever price they asked.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was all set to order one and now I’d have one much sooner!

During the races the husband came over and said that his wife would be dropping him off at work the next morning at 9:00 and that she’d be over just after that.

When she arrived you can imagine my surprise when I saw that it was, in fact, a Schwinn!

They asked $50 and I HAPPILY paid that price!  Aimee has already received her stroller and for much cheaper than had she had to order one, as well.  All are happy in this transaction!

Parker really likes his new stroller and it doesn’t shake when we run.  Again… no idea why I’m always surprised when God takes care of the little things in my life but I’m glad He does.

(And I’m perfectly aware that this blog post may have the corniest title of all blog posts in history but I’m perfectly okay with that!)

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6 Responses to It’s a Schwinn-win situation.

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    Its the BEST title. The punnier, the funnier!

  2. Crystal S says:

    I always like reading your blog. It’s neat to see how God is working in other peoples lives!!

    We finally made it to Germany last week! We are actually stationed in Landstuhl, which I’m loving!! This is the 4th place we were supposed to go, but I feel like the good Lord put us where we needed to be!

    • Jennifer says:

      Glad you are feeling at home. You get to live in “Little America” as those of us in the boondocks refer to Landstuhl. You get a mall and a Chilis and a Macaroni Grill! (And I am aware that Wiesbaden doesn’t really qualify as the boondocks but still…)

      • Crystal S says:

        Just wanted to let you know, you’re not missing anything not having a Macaroni Grill or Chili’s! We’ve tried them both & they were both really bad! Everything at MG, including the bread, was super salty & I’m not sure the chicken at Chili’s was actually chicken!

      • Jennifer says:

        We tried MC once or twice but it was so bad we refuse to eat there. We’ve had mixed luck at Chilis. The bottomless chips and salsa are great (can’t really mess that up) and I usually get the fajitas. Hard to mess that up, too. 😉

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