Backpack Cooler Poll.

I am trying to figure out which backpack cooler is best for my family.  Outside opinions are welcome!  The images are followed by a link that describes them in full.

Quatro Backpack Cooler


PolarBear Backpack Cooler


Backpack Cooler with water bottle holder




So after all that, I ordered the backpack with the least votes! I received an email from the company that answered a lot of my specific questions, and compared the two I was most considering:  The Quatro and the one with the water bottle holder.  The Quatro is double the size of the other and so I went with that one.  If I get it and don’t like it I’ll try the Polar Bear.

I’ll update again when I receive it!  Ready to go picnicking!!


We are LOVING our BackPack Cooler!  We’ve used it dozens of times and recommend it wholeheartedly!!  I wrote about it briefly in “Lighthouses, sand, and boys.”

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6 Responses to Backpack Cooler Poll.

  1. I liked the one with the water bottle the best because it looked the most durable. When I read the review for the PolarBear backpack cooler it seemed like it had a lot of problems, which is nice they were honest but it looked like there was too many issues and it was expensive. Plus there is a pocket in the front for other things like sunblocks and wipes and stuff. The other ones don’t have that.
    Okay, I think I am done stating the obvious.

    • Jennifer says:

      I am taking all comments, obvious and otherwise, into consideration! Thanks!

      • Brad says:

        We own a polar bear cooler but it’s not the backpack type. I can tell you that it’s the best quality soft-sided cooler that I’m aware of. We used it to transport drinks and food for our child. I highly recommend the Polar Bear brand.

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh, MAN! I just placed my order and I ordered the Quatro. If I don’t like it I’ll definitely go back and order the Polar Bear! (I discovered the other option, the one with the water bottle cooler, was too small.)

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