>The call…

>Being a Dave Ramsey fan and a loyal listener to his daily radio show (via 3-hour, commercial free podcasts) I could not wait until we got to call and do our “debt free scream” live.

I’ve been in contact with someone there for the past couple of weeks, and she put me in contact with Lara, Dave’s assistant producer. On Thursday, Lara emailed me and asked me a few questions and offered a few dates to choose from. The next day, 25 FEB, was one of the available dates. I jumped at the chance!
Friday afternoon I got the house set up just right. I wanted to video this for our own memories, as well as a way to let the boys realize just how important this moment is. This is a moment I pray they never have on their own, as we are teaching them to follow this lifestyle forever, never getting into debt. I set up my laptop so mom, dad, and Josh could watch via Skype, and turned the table on an angle so the video would show each person. I printed out some coloring sheets from Twistynoodle with debt free sayings on them. These were used during the call to keep the boys entertained and they worked surprisingly well.
2 hours beforehand I as working on dinner, excited but nervous, and listening to podcasts. 40 minutes before, while the boys were watching a movie, I jotted down some notes just in case I went blank.
At 8:00 pm (2:00 pm EST) my internet went out. I about had a mini-freak-out, because I was really hoping my parents could watch. A quick restart of our modem fixed the problem, but, as it turned out, Skype froze up on them a few times during the call anyway. At least they were listening LIVE on Dave’s website so they didn’t miss anything important.
At 8:1o I dialed the number and within a minute, I was talking to Lara! I felt like we were on hold for a hour, but that was just because my heart was beating so fast. All in all, I believe we were on the phone less than 25 minutes, including wait time. Not bad.
During the waiting I remember worrying that Parker was going to get loud, so I had Matt feed him a jar of baby food. That worked, but he ate too fast, so had him feed him a 2nd jar. Then I remembered I had purchased Ritz crackers. That boy loves Ritz and we only give them to him occasionally… perfect bribery.
In the end, all 4 boys were quiet and we rewarded them a couple of times during the call with chocolate chips. And finally, we got to scream as loudly as we could. It was amazing and I hope many of our friends will be calling to do the same within the next couple of years. What a peace there is on this side of our journey.
Here’s the video of our call, plus a little bonus video of us burning our statement from Sallie Mae that shows a zero balance.
WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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8 Responses to >The call…

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    Love this! I can’t wait for our turn!!

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  6. Definitely crying right now after watching you and your family scream that you are debt free!! Can’t wait to be able to do that!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Your turn will come! Remember to call them a month or so beforehand to schedule your scream since there are so many people getting smart with their money! Used to people could just call in and get on the air… now they have to schedule them out! 🙂 Such a good problem to have!

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