February 2022 Look Back

Carson’s birthday is the highlight of every February, but it will receive its own post.

Aside from his birthday, the rest of February was full of events, some small, some pretty momentus.

We’ll start with a pretty traumatic one: Anna’s adult teeth were too nice to her baby teeth and rather than push the baby teeth out, the adult teeth decided to come in right behind them. The pediatric dentist felt this was an issue so she pulled those baby teeth out!

As far as trauma goes, Anna did great before and after the procedure. She did not understand the gas was to help calm her, so she fought it. She also fought the numbing gel she dentist tried to put on her gums, therefore she felt the numbing shots, which means I bet she got less than she needed. Then the doctor pulled those teeth right out and within 15 seconds Anna was in my arms and completely calm.

She’s since been back to the dentist and shows no fear. She’s my girl! We love the dentist! We also love ice cream after traumatic experiences…

Winter sunrises:

Our garage is the one on the far right and above that is Bailey/Hayden’s (then).
(Now it’s Bailey/Parker’s room)

Ticket to Ride: I may not be the best pretend-play mom, but I LOVE a good game with my kids.

I don’t even care that it’s a blurry picture. I love Anna’s expression!

The Common: I’ve found my favorite Bay Ridge restaurant. My two favorite dishes there are the Upside Down Truffle Bun and the skillet pancake.

Valentine’s Day: So it was a light year…

Another blurry picture but her expression is so cute!

It’s all about the food! We’ve found our favorite Ramen Place. It’s in Industry City and is called Ramen Setagaya. We’ve tried ramen in a few other places had this one is the best by far!

Farewell to friends: It is so hard saying goodbye. We had to farewell our pastors and their kids, whom Parker had grown to consider his closest friends. Hard times around here, knowing Hayden was soon to leave as well.

Beauty and the Beast: Off-off Broadway. This was fantastic! They hosted a kids-only art session duirng which the actors talked to the kids about their jobs and roles in the world of theater. We met the playwright and two actors. The Beast said to the kids, “I’m just me… but in a little while I’ll be in costume, my voice will be loud and scary. But I’m just pretending to be mean and scary. I’m still going to be me.”

This was perfect as I was in the process of preparing Anna to go see Wicked. This was a tangible and visible way to show her that scary actors on stage are just real people under makeup.

Allergies: We’ve always been a healthy bunch. We have no major allergies (aside from two of us who can’t have penicillin). However, for a few years Bailey has commented on the fact that when we have fish tacos his throat itches. One morning he told me that at some point during the night he had a hard time swallowing.

Say WHAT?!?

I immediately began working on allergy testing for him (and threw Parker into there as well with a few things he’d mentioned).

Turns out Bailey is profoundly allergic to finned fish. He can have shellfish (thank GOODNESS because that kid loves shrimp) but he is to never eat salmon or its cousins again. So allergic is he that he carries an epi-pen now. I feel like a horrible mother! He has so many allergies (to almost everything) but he only has physical reactions to finned fish… thus, the allergist has suggested that he continue to eat everything (but finned fish) until/unless he has a reaction.

Bailey: test 1
Bailey: test 2
Parker had one set of tests. Note Bailey’s arm in the foreground.

Ice Skating: Our church hosted a fun ice skating day!!

Like I said, a lot happened in February of 2022, some trivial yet fun, others not so trivial and practically traumatic.

(Written 9-2-22 and backdated to 2-28-22.)

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3 Responses to February 2022 Look Back

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  2. I deeply sympathize with the “bad mom” feeling of not knowing that our kids are suffering. Maddie is lactose intolerant…and her favorite food for YEARS before we realized it was cheese. She thought it was normal to feel terrible every time she ate. Poor girl is still working out what is normal and what is not about eating. But now we can give her Lactaid and we always have lactose free milk around for her. Worst. Feeling. Ever. But I’m so glad we both can move forward with safety for our kids!

    • Jennifer says:

      Amen! I am always asking Bailey if he has his epi-pen nearby! Twice now he’s said, “I don’t know if I’m going to need it but I am feeling something in my throat… just letting you know in case….” So far, thankfully, it’s gone away. Whatever bit of allergin he had ingested had worked itself out of his system without the need for epinephrin. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

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