December 2020 Wrap-up

I really wanted a picture of our kids with the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge for our Christmas card, and I wanted it at sunset because we have absolutely loved having access to nightly displays of beauty. Our photographer, Jana Whitter, hit it out of the ballpark.

Check out the slider feature… what went on the card versus what didn’t.

Slide the bar.

Matt started playing with the worship team at church! Liberty Church – Brooklyn

Indoor dining is still closed so every now and then you’ll find the Hamrick family eating on the steps of some random building.

When you have the entire train to yourself and it stops for some undisclosed reason, you can get your wiggles out by running laps.

We went to the city as a family to hit three main place: the Christmas Store in Little Italy, The Elf Bridge, and the Rockefeller Tree.

2020 Ornament purchased at the Christmas store in Little Italy. (That particular store was only special to us because Matt and I had visited it when we went on a date in that area. We figured it’d be a good place to find our annual ornament.)

We found the Elf Bridge!

Our first view of the tree fully decorated and lit:

New York City is dressed beautifully for Christmas:

Totally random, but Anna messed up my phone… she somehow got my Memoji stuck and I couldn’t answer a call or hang up.

More randomness: Spotify let me know that I was one of Hamilton’s top 9% listeners this year and that my most-played song was from Frozen II… no surprises there.

If you’re four and you get new jammies, you do a dance:

One thing I love about Christmas season is sending and receiving Christmas cards. I send almost 300 each year. Excessive, I know. I try to cull them each year but I simply can’t. I enjoyed lighting the advent candle while addressing them.

We pray that 2021 is an amazing year for your family!
~The Hamricks

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