Bailey turns 16 and Parker turns 10!

Parker was due on Bailey’s birthday but he came five days early. Even so, most years we celebrate them together in some way.

This year both decided early on, back in January, to forego parties in order to put what we would have spent on parties toward big-ticket items. As we now know, parties would have been canceled due to the Corona virus, so it really was a God-thing that led them to both make this call months ago.

Parker decided that he wanted a Nintendo-DS like his brothers so they can play together (they link) and to give him something to do on our overseas flight. While I personally detest video games, this is one I’m almost okay with.

Bailey wanted to upgrade his phone so he saved and worked and added birthday money and was able to get a nice iPhone. The two had a Mario cake because we were going cheap – meaning, no fancy Cake Lady cake, though I regretted it dearly… I wish we had just splurged on a good cake. Don’t get me wrong: we ate every bite of this cake over the weekend, but there’s nothing like a homemade cake from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Parker turned 10 which is a very big deal for a Military Kid… He got his own Military ID! This gives him the right to go to the Commissary & Shoppette, all without parents or big brothers!

Parker’s ID picture looks great! We had a very nice ID maker-lady.

Bailey’s birthday this year is also significant: 16! However, it’s a bummer that he isn’t able to get a driver’s license just yet. We’ll have to do that once we move.

For all the bigs, Matt has allowed them to plan a pretty big trip to celebrate their 16th. Hayden and Matt went from Texas to Kansas City to see John Mayer. Carson and Matt went from Stuttgart to London to see a Panther’s Football game. When it was time for Bailey to decide, he struggled with where he wanted to go. Even months before the Corona virus came on the scene he struggled. He’s pretty traveled-out and eager to move back to the states. Matt came up with the idea to see if he’d rather a guitar… and with no hesitation he heartily agreed!

So, Matt and Bailey took a day trip to Thomann and Bailey picked out a gorgeous Fender. Matt saw the next day that Thomann was closing down for a month. Again, it was a God-thing that Bailey didn’t want a trip (it would have been canceled) and that they went a week earlier than planned (Thomann is now closed). We can see the hand of God in our daily lives and I pray you can, too.

Happy Birthday to Numbers 3 & 4! We love you both!!

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