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The cost of saying no.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to actually tell someone no when they asked you to do something you knew wasn’t right for you? It certainly did not look like the time I taught fifth-grade Sunday School … Continue reading

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Who cries in soccer?!?

My boys love soccer.  This isn’t news to anyone who has ever met them. I remember Hayden’s and Carson’s first season:  they were each timid in their own ways. Matt coached Hayden’s team and he had to hold Hayden’s hand … Continue reading

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Soccer 2013

How do I love soccer?  Let me count the ways… 1.  Exercise for the boys. 2.  Team spirit. 3.  Outside authority (my kids learn to listen to and respect “teachers” other than me). 4. Actually, I think those three are … Continue reading

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C&B play soccer

Last Friday evening Carson and Bailey had their first soccer game of the season.  They were SO very excited to be out there on the field again!

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