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Lifegiver Military Spouse Podcast – Corie Weathers

There was this time I sat at home and streamed a pretty cool event on my computer and watched a very special friend of mine become the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. It was a SUPER … Continue reading

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Project Sanctuary, Granby

While our visit with friends in Colorado Springs was a highlight of our vacation, our purpose for going to Colorado was because we had been offered a free family retreat by a phenomenal organization called Project Sanctuary.  On the morning … Continue reading

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And he’s BACK!

My nesting was not in vain! He returned late on the evening of the 29th!  I will be working on the video and slide show sometime, but for now, here is the story and some pictures! When we found out … Continue reading

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Nesting of a different sort.

If you’ve ever experienced the latter months of a pregnancy you probably know what I mean by “nesting.”  I define it as an uncontrollable and sometimes illogical drive to accomplish certain tasks before baby arrives, even if said tasks will … Continue reading

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Butterflies vs. moths.

It’s been a week today since Matt headed off to travel and see a new part of this world!  He sent me a picture today that no kidding… reminded me of Colorado!  Well, if you can ignore the concrete barriers! … Continue reading

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He’s turning into his father…

…and that’s a great thing. When I met his father, I was blown away by the love he demonstrated for his wife. Actually, he called her his “bride.”  26 years of marriage and he still called her his bride. Matt’s … Continue reading

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The Hamrick Family Social Experiment: Conclusion

It’s over. The wait for our real life is over. Sort of. Today we move out of our temporary apartment into our house. We will spend today doing the illustrious job of loading/delivering the things we brought with us to … Continue reading

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Chaplain Career Course Ball – 2013

Going back in time a bit, way back to when we lived in Columbia… Yet again I had the chance to dress up and walk beside my handsome soldier for another ball.  I am not a girly-girl so I’m actually … Continue reading

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The 4th, um 1st, of July

So I hesitated to take the boys to the events yesterday because I despise paying a buck-per-ride for the kids to play on those bounce houses.  I considered leaving here at 9:00 p.m. to avoid having to say “No, you … Continue reading

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