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Two weddings and a lot of amazing people

At Christmastime two of our beautiful (former) youth announced they were getting married!   A sweet set of sisters got proposed to on the same night, and their weddings were scheduled for two different weekends in May.  Facing a deployment, … Continue reading

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Butterflies vs. moths.

It’s been a week today since Matt headed off to travel and see a new part of this world!  He sent me a picture today that no kidding… reminded me of Colorado!  Well, if you can ignore the concrete barriers! … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Day Gift(s) – 2013

I fully understand that I’m a bit behind in posting about how great my Mother’s Day was. That’s okay because I’ve been celebrating for weeks and will continue to do so for years to come. Here’s the story… While we … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Chore Money

Quite often I’m asked how we keep up with chore money.  I have found a neat app I thought I might share with you, but first, a bit about how we do chores. Every morning, seven days a week, my kids have … Continue reading

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Over the river and through the woods…

Every Sunday we drive over the Congaree River on our way to NewSpring-Columbia. Every single time we’ve done so I’ve thought, “We really need to take the boys to the Riverwalk one of these days.”  It took us until mid-April … Continue reading

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