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Nesting of a different sort.

If you’ve ever experienced the latter months of a pregnancy you probably know what I mean by “nesting.”  I define it as an uncontrollable and sometimes illogical drive to accomplish certain tasks before baby arrives, even if said tasks will … Continue reading

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S’mores make it all better…

Two weeks!  We made it to the two-week mark! What a great first week we had!  Though communication with Matt was sporadic, it was frequent enough and I was always glad to receive a message/text/call from him.  Matt scored first-class … Continue reading

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Butterflies vs. moths.

It’s been a week today since Matt headed off to travel and see a new part of this world!  He sent me a picture today that no kidding… reminded me of Colorado!  Well, if you can ignore the concrete barriers! … Continue reading

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He’s turning into his father…

…and that’s a great thing. When I met his father, I was blown away by the love he demonstrated for his wife. Actually, he called her his “bride.”  26 years of marriage and he still called her his bride. Matt’s … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!!

Sure, I’m a few days late in wishing you a Happy New Year, but I am of the opinion that well wishes are better late than never! So, with the wishes out of the way, I’ll share with you what’s … Continue reading

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