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Snail-mail… one more tip…

When Matt was about to deploy I knew I wanted to keep up with writing birthday cards to friends and family that I love.  However, I knew my limitations and was about to embark on a 15 month journey as … Continue reading

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Do you snail-mail?

I recently heard a quick clip on the news about the fact that the USPS is going to soon eliminate Saturday mail delivery.  The anchor mentioned how the cost of stamps keeps going up and that the government mail system … Continue reading

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Ransomed Toy Box. Brilliant!

There are some pretty smart mamas out there. Lots of them hang out on Pinterest and for that, I’m grateful!  One of those smart mamas also blogs at Just Another Day in Paradise.  I think she got the following idea from someone … Continue reading

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Coupon fun.

Oh my goodness, the coupons.  Yes, I know I spent 6 hours working on coupons last week, but I then saved $67.13, so I guess I was making $11 an hour.  Not bad for a SAHM! I really appreciate all … Continue reading

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Pretty things…

I live in a house full of boys.  I’m not much of a girly-girl.  But I do like pretty things. A few weeks ago I was at a friend’s house for a birthday party.  I noticed her computer (a beautiful … Continue reading

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Lemon Wonder

Yes, I’m about to reveal a fabulous recipe.  Probably not exactly what you’re expecting, though. I wrote yesterday about hard water stains in my toilet.  That’s not the only place I have issues with hard water.  In fact, I actually … Continue reading

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Pumiced Toilet

I’ve had trouble with hard water stains for a while now.  I’ve tried everything I knew to try, including using a steel wool, with very little success.  A friend recently told me that using a pumice stone would help me … Continue reading

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Sprite. Who knew?!?

The day before Easter when Matt was trying his best to recover and we were chillin’ watching a movie, someone knocked on the door.  I totally expected it to be one of the neighborhood kids looking for Haydencarsonbailey, as the … Continue reading

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