January 2022 Look Back

I went back through my photos from January 2022 and I found a few events that were extra special to our family.

Matt wearing his new rank. Matt has worked hard and I’m proud of him for earning this rank. While rank isn’t everything, it is an honor and a responsibility not to be taken lightly and I’m excited for him to be at this point in his career. This was his first day wearing the new rank and he indulged me a quick picture.

Wicked – the first time. So, I’m not a big fantasy genre fan. This was the first time I saw Wicked… I was impressed with the talent but overall I was meh. (That slang will date this blog post before too long, but it’s perfect for the way I felt about Wicked the first time.)

As meh as I was about it, I knew Anna would love it. There are some scary monkeys in it so I decided to prepare her well, and I wrote all about that and Anna’s reaction to it in this blog post about the first Black Female lead for Glinda! In short, during the time I spent preparing Anna we listened to the soundtrack hundreds of times and I got to know the characters, the story, and the ironic lines more. I fell in love with it and even though my friend in the picture above, Jamie, is team Elphaba and I’m team Glinda, we are still friends (quite fitting if you know the story of Wicked!). Oh, and I was not quite sure about the name Elphaba. Just seemed that there had to be a back story. Turns out, there is.

The name was created by author Gregory Maguire for his novel “Wicked” (later a hit Broadway Musical) and was based upon the initials of L.Frank Baum, the author of “The Wizard of Oz,” from which “Wicked” was born. The initals “L.F.B.” each gave one syllable to the name: El-pha-ba.


Hayden and the college kids hanging out at our house. This group of people were only in our lives for a short season but they are precious to us. We also loved having Elizabeth come visit us again!

Our bed died. Actually, it was body-slammed to death. I can’t remember the actual term but if you can imagine Carson picking Anna up, slamming her into the bed, then jumping on top of the bed to bounce her… you’ve almost got the idea of what happened to our bed. Poor thing has been disassembled and reassembled seven times and moved across the ocean four times… it was being held together with pieces we scrounged around after every move… it wasn’t built for teenage bodyslams! So when we found the thing broken beyond repair (after it had reached that point a few times and we managed to temporarily repair it anyway) we finally had to say goodbye. It was a moment, for sure!

I remember being in college, engaged, and picking out that bedroom set. Had no clue at the time how many moves that poor bed would make!

Sunsets… some are too beautiful for words.

(Written 9-2-22 and back dated to 1-30-22.)

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