The Hyatts take NYC!

We love having JoshAshleyMasonMadison come to our house! (You have to say that really fast as if it’s one person!) Josh and I planned a strategic week so that they could see as much as possible but also not be completely worn out. It turned out to be a perfect visit and we didn’t even burn down Fraunces Tavern. (We’ll get to that in a bit.)

Train Travel is always an adventure in a large group but we never lost anyone (on the train, that is).

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge and looking at the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Oculus

9-11 Memorial Pools

Fraunces Tavern

We were able to sit down as soon as they opened. The restaurant was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

The little candles on the table were a fire hazard on the boys’ end! Thankfully I noticed the fire before it got out of hand!

Statue of Liberty

We have been saving this particular New York City site to do when Mason came. Parker has wanted to see this with Mason and we really enjoyed the experience. There are a lot of steps.

Krispy Kreme, a guy in a $2000 track suit, and the Elf Bridge

Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, FAO Schwartz, and Saks Fifth Ave.

I mentioned near the top of this post that we lost a kid. We didn’t actually lose one, but she lost us. We had spent the entire week walking as a group and every time I looked back, Anna had Madi’s hand. When it was time to leave FAO Schwartz we all headed down the front stairs and then turned right, toward the rear of the store. (Everyone must leave through one exit.) Half of our party was out the door when Ashley asked where Anna was. We turned around and she wasn’t with us. I wasn’t worried at all as I figured she had kept on walking toward the rear of the store where the candy is. We usually make a pass through there so I assumed that she had just lost track of us. Matt was the only one to re-enter the store to find her, but when a few minutes had passed I decided to go back in. The doorman asked what Anna was wearing and passed the info on to the entire staff, all of whom were wearing ear monitors. He also alerted them that I was in a hot pink jacket (obviously not a true New Yorker since they only wear black or gray). It was at that time he heard that Anna had been found and was near the front door. As I passed each display I heard the employee manning that display say, “She’s passing the drones.” “She’s passing the magic stand.” “She’s passing the Tonieboxes.” I could hear a live play-by-play of my path through the store!

I arrived at the front to find Anna crying, a friendly mom (whom I don’t even think I thanked!) and an employee standing together. I hugged Anna and comforted her, and I think during that hug the mom left. What happened was that when Anna hit the bottom step just behind us, she saw a display that interested her. She stopped to investigate but didn’t tell anyone. By the time she noticed looked up she couldn’t see us anymore. We assumed she was with us… she thought we would naturally stop because she stopped. She walked around for a few minutes looking for us and then did exactly what I’ve told her to do: find another mom who could help her. (I think moms are often easier to spot than employees in stores and moms are generally going to be very fast to help reunite a missing child to their parent.) I was so proud of Anna and glad that this crisis turned out the way it did. She learned a lesson and so did all of us!

Believe me, I know how many different ways this could have gone. If I’m going to lose a kid in NYC, FAO Schwartz was the place to do it. It was full of families and had a very attentive staff with a solid protocol for missing children!

New Year’s Eve

We ordered Chinese and stayed up watching the NYC new year’s celebration, only to have our internet lag and we missed the last 4 minutes! We caught a few random fireworks being shot off nearby and then went to bed. Lazy and cozy are the best words to describe our evening.

Autographing the wall

Written 3-17-2022 and backdating to 12-31-2021.

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