Macy’s Santa ~ 34th Street

For some reason, in my mind the “real” Santa is on 34th Street. Maybe it’s because of the original Miracle on 34th Street movie, which fed my love of NYC and its parade, but for whatever reason, being able to bring my littles to Macy’s on 34th street to see Santa has been a treat!

Her curls… 😍
I have a picture of baby Hayden with this tree at the bottom of this page!

Even though we had a timed entrance we had a very long wait. I’d say it was an hour before we saw Santa and 90 minutes for the entire process (until I had checked out and taken our photo home). Somebody talked daddy into carrying her for a while!

I loved that they let me take pictures during and didn’t have to buy the photos if I didn’t want to… but I couldn’t resist!

And I don’t even mind the mask! It’s a marker in time… at Christmastime 2021 in NYC we were all wearing masks and this picture is just a marker of this moment in time.

Time warp back to the past!

Hayden with Macy’s Santa in 2001! His first Christmas (7 months old).
Nana, Papa, and Hayden with “the tree.” See Anna with the tree above!

Written and posted on 2uesdsay, 2-2-22 and backdating to 12-14-21.

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