Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studies 2021

Split party! By day 5 we had already done all four of the parks and I knew the bigs would want to go back to Hollywood Studios and I knew that there were things at Magic Kingdom that Anna wouldn’t get to do on the first day at Magic Kingdom. And so, we split.

We hit the high-demand rides, Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh, during the early Magic Hours as well as It’s a Small World, while we were in that neighborhood.

The Dumbo ride isn’t new but the playground is.

Anna loved The Barnstormer (we rode it three times in a row!) and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. She pointed out the shells embedded in the concrete.

We saw Buzz again! (After we rode Space Mountain!!)


Anna and I did all the fun stuff and then had a last snack before heading to the room.

The bigs had spent the day at Hollywood Studios.

Matt, Anna, and I took a long, snuggly nap when we got back to the room.

I really wanted to see the fireworks display and none of the boys really wanted to. I didn’t mind that, and took just Anna back to Magic Kingdom. Before we settled in a spot to wait for the fireworks we went to ride Big Thunder Mountain.

The castle was showing off!

Originally posted on 12-27-21 but backdating to 12-5-21.

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