Epcot 2021

Before our trip I researched the brand-new ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and how to have the best chances of riding it. Based on what I read, my expectations of getting in the virtual queue were very low. Because it’s so new and demand for the ride is so high, and because it’s in a corner of Epcot with very limited space, they don’t have stand-by as an option. Meaning, you can’t just go get in line and wait your turn. You must log into the app and get in a virtual line (queue), then arrive at the ride during your time window.

One website I read suggested having everyone in your group with a smart phone download the app, log into the main account, and be ready to start requesting a spot at 0659 the day you are going to Epcot. And so, I woke my people and had them ready to start trying for a spot in line a few minutes ahead of time.

Five phones ready, and Matt was able to get us a spot!! At exactly 0700 Matt yelled, “I got it!” and in my excitement I yelled, “YOU DID NOT!!!” I woke Anna and I didn’t even care! I was so excited!

Throughout the day I kept an eye on our arrival time. It’s crazy: so many people were trying to get in the virtual queue that we were group 37 and our call time was after 12 noon. You can see why I really didn’t expect we’d be able to get a spot.

This is how we walked around most of the time: in a cloud of bubbles.

Disregard what I was saying… just showing you the bubble cloud.

To make use of our early entry we headed straight for Test Track. Gotta say, the first half of the ride didn’t impress me much… and then it kicked into high gear! If I hadn’t had other plans for the day I would have ridden it a few more times.

Anna is between Matt and me.

Frozen Ever After

This ride was really cute and it was neat to be in the home of Anna and Elsa.

Epcot Countries

I loved seeing the different countries in Epcot. The last time I was there was the week before we moved to Germany the first time. This was even more fun, having been to many of the countries represented. Venice, Italy was done so well!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

When it was time for our Boarding Group to show up we made our way to France. This was a fun 4-D ride in the same kind of car as Mickey’s Runaway Railway. It was really impressive! At one point we were under an oven and we could feel the heat!

Later in the day we saw Remy near the entrance to the ride … we hate the rest of the family didn’t get to see him but they had already headed back to the room.


We saw several in Epcot!


We ate lunch “in China.” Really good food!

Parker and I had the duck.
Whose idea was it to give the 5yo cotton candy?!?


Of all the characters and princesses Anna saw all week, Mickey was only one she got all flabbergasted over. It was the CUTEST THING!


Nemo and friends…you never know what a 5-year-old will say in a room where the fish are interacting them! It was a really cute show!

It was late but we (the three of us left by this time) rode Spaceship Earth, inside the Epcot Ball.

Our trip was coming to an end but we had one more fun day ahead. Hollywood Studios for the boys and Magic Kingdom for the girls! Home and to bed…

Originally posted on 12-27-21 but backdating to 12-4-21.

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