Animal Kingdom 2021

I have two words for you: Mount Everest.

Such a fun rollercoaster! That was where we headed first and we were able to ride it multiple times in a row! (Matt, Anna, and I rode it twice, everyone else rode it three times). Those early Magic Hours were awesome!

I’m writing this at 30000 feet while flying to visit a friend and I had such a hard time not laughing out loud at these pictures! So thankful for the Memory Maker Pass!

After her second time Anna was DONE.

A friendly person offered to take our picture! Finally, one that’s not a selfie! And what a background!

The Dinosaur Ride

This ride was really neat and there was a moment that really caught us all off guard!

Walking around:


The last thing I requested of my boys was the Safari. The wait was pretty long but the Safari was a memory I wanted them to have with Anna. It will be a very short time before they move out and I want Carson and Bailey to be able to talk about this with her, as she loves animals so much. Again, they were really good sports. 

Winter Extras

Lovely day! 

Originally posted on 12-20-21 but backdating to 12-3-21.

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