Hollywood Studios 2021

My bigs are such good big brothers. We had two different strategies could employ:
1. Divide and conquer… with the guys going one way (Star Wars or Rock N’ Rollercoaster) and the girls going the other (to Toy Story Land). Or…
2. Stay together for Toy Story Land today and the boys hit those other rides on Day 5.

They wanted to see Anna in Toy Story Land and so we utilized Early Magic Hours to get in line for the Slinky ride, which now Anna declares is her favorite memory of the entire trip. (Which recently shifted from the night Ashley {Bailey’s girlfriend} spent with her in our hotel. Poor Ashley. Demoted by a slinky-dog.)

Toy Story Land

Early in line and it was already a 30 minute wait!

Bailey paired with Anna, Carson with Parker, and Matt and I rode together.


Now to Toy Story Mania

Those big brothers, though…

Mickey’s Runaway Railway – the show just before you board the ride was AMAZING! One of the biggest surprises of the adults’ trip, for sure.

How they work without tracks… incredible.

We planned to take our stroller but realized an hour outside of NYC that we had left it behind. Thankfully Nana’s friend, Linda, had one she was willing to loan us. Even though Anna is definitely able to walk all day and is fast enough to keep up with us, having a stroller was 100% worth the effort of keeping up with it. It allowed us to keep drinks and snacks in the bottom (instead of in a backpack) and gave her a seat anywhere we were. (And when she did get tired, we didn’t have to carry her or listen to whining. Not that any of my kids whine… but you know…)

At this point in the day we split into three groups. I have no clue where the teens went, but Matt and Parker went to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Anna and I went to watch Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage. I cried during three events on our trip… this was the first. Sure, I saw this in 2009 with Matt and the boys, but I always dreamed of having a little girl to do things like this with. It was as magical as I had dreamed it would be.

Anna and I also had a few other experiences during the day while the boys were off doing their own things.

  1. We saw the reindeer, Santa, and SNOW!

2. We saw Anna and Elsa, and OLAF!!

3. And we got to meet DOC, Vampirina, and Fancy Nancy!

I apologize for my ear-piercing voice at the end but I was excited! Anna wanted to tell Doc McStuffins that she dressed up as her for Halloween for three years, but she chickened out and asked me to do so. I had to quit recording so I could chat with Doc… (I am so glad we didn’t wait another year to go to Disney! The Pixie Dust is still in effect!)

4. And finally… Anna got to DANCE and play with music, bubbles, Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, and Mickey Mouse!


One tip I would like to share is to use the Disney Experience App to order food. Here’s an example of how it is to our benefit at Catalina Eddie’s (and at many other quick-serve restaurants).

There were to walk-up windows open. The far left was for those waiting in line to order. The far right was for mobile orders.

What we tended to do was figure out what/where we wanted to eat about an hour before. Then, we’d place an order, select a pick-up arrival time window, and pay for the food on the app. During the time window we had selected we would walk up to the restaurant, click “I’m here,” at which point they’d actually begin preparing our food. By the time we found a table our food was ready. People in the order-line had to wait forever and we were done eating by the time they got their food.

Only downside… you can’t quite tell the scale of the food you are buying: For a treat, I got Parker and Anna each a cookie… only to find out at pick-up they were the size of Anna’s face!

Needless to say, they shared one and Matt and I shared the other.

Parker took his picture with the Tower of Terror not sure he was willing to ride it. He was very nervous about this. But in the end, he braved it!


Matt and Parker rode the Rock N’ Rollercoaster. It’s a family favorite and the only ride we rode that Anna wasn’t tall enough to ride.

Later in the day Parker and I were able to ride it together but for some reason, the Photo Pass didn’t send me the pictures.

One of the most impressive things I saw while we were there was this Lightening McQueen! He is SO REALISTIC! (Pixie dust works on moms, too!)

As we were leaving we saw Minnie Mouse!!

Originally posted on 12-19-21 but backdating to 12-2-21.

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