Brooklyn Thanksgiving ~ 2021

It’s really hard to top watching the Macy’s Parade live and in person, then being able to just get on the train and go back home. I know I say this all the time but:

I can't believe I live here!

After the parade we stopped by Starbucks to ingest some caffeine and Anna got a cake-pop.

This photo was taken 11 seconds before that reindeer hit the ground.

2022 is the year I quit caring about writing and posting my blogs in order, and so I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day, while my littles are at school. Today is a purple day – a day in which I do nothing outside of the house while they’re in school. On purple days I require myself to do one thing for me that I often push to the back burner. Today that one thing is catch up on a few blog posts… and I’ve been in holiday-heaven re-living the parade and all that made that day special. (Why do I call them “purple days?” Because when I do my scheduling I actually highlight one day a week with a purple highlighter to remind myself not to schedule anything on those days. I like purple, and it was the color I grabbed when I came up with this idea. And so, now I have “purple days.”)

Back to the picture… Just yesterday Anna reminded me about the reindeer cake-pop that she dropped on Thanksgiving. It was a sad moment but I’m proud of her for handling it well. She didn’t even cry. I guess the promise of so many goodies at home were enough to comfort her.

Once home I sent Anna to get some rest in her room while Matt and I enjoyed coffee, and then we began the food-prep. Around 4:00 our friends, the Lamsons, who had gone to the parade with us, arrived. There was a lot of talking, much eating, and a little tattooing that took place.

While Jamie and I were working on getting dinner set out someone suggested that she and I get matching Empire State Building tattoos. People… I have a tattoo artist as a son. I could have any tattoo I want at any time, but until that suggestion was made I have not had a single idea I liked. Nothing I thought I’d want permanently. But that idea was just perfect! I love the parade, and got to see it in person for the first time that day. I’ve always LOVED Thanksgiving* and, well, it was Thanksgiving. I was with some of our friends who have become our family… Framily, I think it’s called? And Jamie loves NYC with as much passion as do it… so much that she and her husband moved their large family here during a pandemic to love on the people who live here. No better tattoo, no better timing. And so, with that I present you, our matching tattoos!

Design and tattoo done by Hayden Hamrick.

I wish I had written this back in November because I am sure I would have had so many more vivid memories to share, but I do remember the evening was perfect. We really enjoyed spending the day with the Lamsons. One thing, though, we’ve decided to do different next year… we’re ordering in instead of cooking. We want to do the parade again with a few tweaks in our strategy, and we will not cook a big meal. We’ll just hang out together and eat without the stress of the big meal.

*Changing subjects altogether… I am in the learning stages of race and racism and my thoughts on Thanksgiving as a “holiday” are being transformed. I don’t know exactly how I want it to look going forward but I do want to present to my children an accurate picture of American history. To some that means using that day as a day to mourn the tribes that are now extinct: the lives that were lost and the lives that were never born as a result. To others that means changing what they call the day, and to others, even changing the menu away from foods that depict a falsified narrative. Just know that my current view of the day is that it is a day where I focus on what I am thankful for and every year, there are different people around my table for whom I’m thankful. I am thankful for a husband who has given me a life with lots of adventure. We meet so many people and see so many things. Every year is different and we are thankful for those in our lives. Just know we are unpacking this as a family and doing our own work to determine how we want to use this particular day every year.

And if this seems radical or unfamiliar or strange to you, I would love for you to check out a resource recommended by the trusted Christian organization Be the Bridge: The article is called Rethinking Thanksgiving Celebrations: Native Perspectives on Thanksgiving

Written on 2-14-2022 and backdating to 11-25-2021.

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