A Macy’s Thanksgiving ~ 2021

One of my favorite memories is a cumulation of of all the Thanksgiving mornings preparing food for the afternoon feast while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Hearing the marching bands, seeing the balloons, and dreaming of being there someday… Just perfect!

During our first tour in Germany it hit me that we wouldn’t be able to watch the parade at the right time because of the time difference. I solved that problem by buying a DVD of the 2009 Parade off eBay (it was 2010, people!) We played that thing every Thanksgiving morning we were in Europe…both times!

We moved to New York City in 2020, and the parade was closed to spectators. In 2021, though, we were IN IT TO WIN IT! We woke up at 4:30, drank nothing to keep from needing to find bathrooms during the day, and met up with our fellow “Why not move to New York City with five kids mid-pandemic?” family. We met them at the Atlantic-Barclays train stop and got on the same train car with them and rode to the 57th St. stop in Manhattan. We got to our spot early enough to claim a corner that we were quite pleased with. We have learned a few things and next year we have a slightly altered strategy.

Anyway, we were dressed for the weather (which was GORGEOUS, by the way). We ate the snacks we brought but avoided drinking anything as there really was no access to bathrooms. The parade hit the mark and we had a blast watching the balloons and bands go by.

At one point I wondered if the vlogger I had watched the day before was live-streaming. He had live-streamed the as the crew inflated balloons and it was fun to show Anna what we were going to see. During the parade I pulled up his vlog I thought I recognized his location… and when I looked up, sure enough I could see him standing in the street vlogging right in front of me! I watched a bit of his stream just now to see if I could spot myself and I did! I also spotted Jonah!

I always stand out in my bright pink jacket… True New Yorkers wear black or gray.
Jonah’s with me… we like color!
The YouTuber ActionKid – I’ve been calling him a Vlogger, but I’m sure that word is so 2015…

Here’s the video of the marching band:

I particularly love the marching bands!

The only kid interested in the parade was Anna so I left the rest home sleeping. At 9:00 Parker called and regretted not coming, so I let him come. People… I’m so proud of this kid! He walked the mile from our house to the train station, got on the R, rode all the way through Brooklyn and half of Manhattan, got off at the right stop, and found us at the corner of 57th and 6th! I’ve got a true New Yorker!!

The following are just a few of the many videos I took during the parade. I loved them all but will spare you the footage, giving you only the best.

Anna was most excited to see Big Bird and she yelled his name from the time she saw him until his float passed. She had every intention to bring her stuffed Big Bird to give to him as a present but she forgot him. (Thank goodness… I have no idea how I would have explained to her that she wouldn’t be allowed to give him a gift!)

Enjoy this a few slideshows of pictures from my first ever Macy’s Parade!! The first includes pics of us on the train; killing time and waiting for the parade to start; pictures that show where we were; Festive New Yorkers; and how crowded it got behind us.

Tom the Turkey!! I have seen him start the parade my whole life!

We can’t all fit in a selfie… so I did a video version!

Okay, so I found a still but you can barely see Parker… HA! And neither of our families had everyone there!

Even though Parker wasn’t there yet and Matt wasn’t in the shot, I love this group picture that I stole from Jamie’s Instagram!

Selfie-cred: Jamie Lamson

Jamie got a much better picture of Santa so here is her picture!

Photo Cred: Jamie Lamson

There was more fun after the parade but I’m going to save that for another post. This was just a wonderful day and I will treasure it forever. Completely different from other Thanksgiving mornings, but so very special.

The Day Before the Parade:

I took the littles to the Balloon Inflation event. We waited in line for about an hour before we got in and yet I am very glad we went! I don’t know if I need to go every year, but I’m glad we went this time!

Written and shared on 2-14-2022 but backdating to 11-25-2021.

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