NYC Marathon

I have known for weeks that this event was happening. We’ve been getting notifications about road closures and the best places to watch the runners, but I dismissed them because I wasn’t all that interested.

And then Sunday happened!

My family and I headed to our train station a little earlier than usual to give us plenty of time to find a parking spot, as we knew many local roads were going to be blocked off. We found a spot only a couple of blocks away and walked to our station… which we found completely blocked off and protected.

I had not paid any attention to the route the runners were going to take, but it turns out they were to run right by our train stop! So cool!!

Our train stop totally blocked.

We took our train to church and I gave Anna the option of walking to church above ground or under… she chose above. So glad she did! We walked up straight into a party! It was so much fun!

Watching the start of the race at Mile 8.

We happened to be there for the first runners to pass us. You’ll see police, then the official time car, then the Professional Women’s Open Division! I was shocked that we had walked up at such a perfect time!

I didn’t take a picture of it but I saw two runners coming toward us with an entourage of 10-15 bicycling police officers. The people next to me knew who it was: Alexi Pappas, Olympian and Actor. SO COOL!! (I wish I had taken pics!) And the man she was running with was an Italian runner named Vito whom she met at the 5K mark… they ran the rest of the race together! (Info found on her Instagram.) Below are a few screenshots from her Instagram page.

I’m fairly certain this was taken in Bay Ridge. I recognize the Christmas decorations over the street…
(If not in Bay Ridge, don’t spoil it for me.)

In the photo below, notice how empty the street is. Later in this post you can watch a video of this street full of runners. The picture was taken at 9:30 am, and the video was taken around noon.

Mile 8 at 9:30 am. Only the professional women had run past here at that time.
They used dump trucks full of sand as protection. No one my age has forgotten the Boston Marathon tragedy.

We went to church and let the race continue on without us. When we came out the party had amplified as now the big pack of runners were passing by mile 8.

Parker looking fly…

The guy in the Puma sweatshirt stopped Parker, told him how amazing he looked, and gave him a Puma cinch bag. He gave Anna a XL tee… she was not amused.

We begrudgingly left the party and headed back home…

Only to find, as we came back up out of the train station at home, that the party was still going on!

Anna was very concerned about the women hanging out of the window in the clip below.

That was fun. The whole experience was a blast! I’m glad we saw what we did! How cool that the race started in Staten Island, just across our bridge on Fort Wadsworth, then ran right past our bagel shop and train station, and then, a few miles away, past where we go to church! So exciting! The feeling of joy in the air was palpable. I think NYC needed that.

Below are three images taken by Todd Heisler/The New York Times. In the first image you can see the big white building to the right of the bridge… that’s where we live. That building is the Brooklyn VA which 0.2 miles from my house… now you see why we call the Verrazzano “our” bridge.

In the second picture, note the curvature of the bridge. Makes me queasy!

Written on 11-12-21 and backdating to 11-7-21

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  1. Sybil Kee says:

    Great pictures. It is so amazing that you all are seeing up close things that we have seen for years on TV. Can’t wait to see you all this weekend❤️ Be safe!

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