October 2021 – Recap

I am becoming the queen of the recap… I haven’t been blogging as often as possible and yet I still want to capture these memories as I go! Recapping, it is. And I’m allowing grace for myself…

Anna has no problem with getting dirty. She loves to play in the mud with friends.

Matt and I joined our Community Group at a seafood restaurant in Red Hook. The place was fun, the company friendly, and the views… amazing. We walked along the water after dinner and took a picture of the restaurant. It’s lit up like a Christmas tree! And no iPhone can do justice to Lady Liberty in the dark… but she was right there.

One of my first tasks as a stay-at-home-mom-with-kids-in-school was to convert the living room closet into a space for Anna’s art and such. She LOVES it. I did this over a month ago and it has stayed just as clean and useful as it was on day 1!

Anna kept giving me cheesy smiles, but her hair was on point on picture day!

I had a lunch date with a girlfriend and we went to the Dandy Lion. The food was so good and the new friendship refreshing.

Matt was invited to speak briefly at church about the act of giving and tithe. Here’s his speaking debut at Liberty Downtown Brooklyn. (He’s been on stage for many months playing in the band.)

We (I) made a rookie mistake and took directions to the wrong place one night of our Community group so instead of a group dinner at a Polish restaurant (which I was VERY MUCH looking forward to) Matt and I ended up on an impromptu date just the two of us… and a full moon.

Fall is my time of year and Anna and I decided we’d make it an annual experience to go to every couple of weeks to watch the trees change color and Rockefeller Center convert into a winter wonderland. Our first trip was in October and we’re looking forward to our second trip soon.

I got to volunteer at Anna’s school, escorting the K&1 classes to the main building to pick pumpkins! It was so hard to take a picture with only Anna in it! This is the best I got.

Our housing complex recently got brand new back decks, and along with those decks came a new cement platform at the bottom. I snapped a picture to show a neighbor up the street what the finished product looked like as her deck was just getting started.

It’s funny that I took that picture – I had no idea it would become the “Before” in a series…

Before Anna : AfterAnna

Anna’s first time on a motorcycle (was actually in September but who cares about timelines and consistency… 🤦🏼‍♀️)

The trees have not impressed me this year. They are changing very slowly, and not nearly as bright as they were last year.

Written on 11-13-21 and backdated to 10-30-21

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