First Day of School ~ 2021-2022

What a great morning. The kids woke up ready and eager for their day. Getting ready was a breeze and we walked the mile to school with little issue… other than the fact that their book bags were overfilled due to the stuff they have to bring on the first day. Matt and I ended up lugging much of their belongings most of the way.

The PTA ‘chalked-the-walk’ and it was super fun for the kids to see the welcoming messages.
There he goes!

I don’t have permission to share her name but since her face is covered I think I it’s safe to share a photo. I’ll ask permission to share soon, but Anna was in preschool with this friend. They were glad to walk to school together.

As soon as the kids were off Matt hopped on the R to Manhattan for work and I took off on a run around Bay Ridge. I think I circled the entire thing! 5.5 miles!

I look forward to seeing less yellow in my tracks eventually. Well, along the road at the start I had to stop for red lights… not much I can do about that.

This post does not include my thoughts about this day. I haven’t really had time to process them, but I will say we are confident this was the right choice for this season. We are good though I may have teared up when I got home from my run and they weren’t here. I just can not wait until the clock says I can go pick them up! I’m already counting down. (I’m sure I’ll get used to this but for now, I’m missing them!!)

All five of my kids are currently students.

I don’t know many people who have college students, a high school student, a middle schooler, and a Kindergartener!

Hayden and Carson are college students at Central Texas College. Hayden is taking his last two classes to finis his associates degree and Carson is taking his first four classes for the same degree. Bailey has only a few classes left to graduate high school so he’s my only student at the moment. I just love these people!

This photo was taken on 8-25-21 when the bigs started school.

Anna’s first and last day of preschool 2020-2021:

Letters for her friends (in the box Anna is carrying) and cupcakes for the adults.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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2 Responses to First Day of School ~ 2021-2022

  1. William C. Shelnutt says:

    WoW! They are really growing up. So good to hear from you and to see all of you prospering. Many blessings, Mr Bill

  2. Sybil Kee says:

    Love these pics. Nothing better than smiling grandkids. Jen, I am happy for you to have time for yourself. I know very soon you will be just as busy as before. Hope you enjoy every minute of your time.

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