Summer Church Fun

This summer we have had a blast at church. We’ve had birthday parties in parks, moving-up recognition for the kids, and Father’s Day with friends.

But to start this post I want to share a bit about how we get to church. For my NY friends, you’ll roll your eyes at the transplant who finds this amusing. For those who don’t live here, this will be a peak into what it’s like to get to church in the busiest city.

Our Sunday morning routine is that we get in our Truckster around 8:50 and drive to the train station which is almost exactly a mile from our house. While it’s walkable, it’s not always pleasant to do so, especially in church clothes or in less-than-perfect weather. Fortunately, the 2-hour time limits aren’t in effect on Sundays so we can park for free right outside the station.

We take the R toward Manhattan (and, as we are the last stop on the R-line, we only have one direction we can go). We’ve learned a few tricks. When we get to 59th street, if there’s a D or N already in the station we hop off the R and onto one of those, as they are Express lines and skip lots of stops, getting us to our destination about five minutes faster. (Same at 36th… if there’s a D in the station we hop over.) Once we get to Atlantic-Barclays we make our way to church. If the weather is nice we’ll climb up out of the subway station and walk above ground, which is what this video will show. There is a very good view of the Empire State Building along the way, though this video in no way shows it. Things always look less impressive in pictures.

If the weather is bad we can stay underground and weave our way through the subway station, coming out very close to our church. In the video I actually show the exit we use when the weather is bad.

Another notable image on the video is the building 1 Hanson Place. The “inclement weather subway exit” is the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower and is visible from many locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s pretty neat to be driving around town or riding on a ferry and see the building where your church is located.

Before the video of our walk from the subway to church is a video of us on the train. When your daughter’s hair is so gorgeous it takes your breath away you video it so you can show her later. (Also, I know her mask is under her nose. I can’t find a way to keep it in place!)

On this particular Sunday our church prayed over the kids’ upcoming school year. These two sweet girlfriends owned stage. Positively OWNED it. Oh yes, the Princesses were in rare form! (Wait… who am I kidding… They were in typical fashion, not rare form.)

Parker has joined the tech team at church and runs a camera most Sundays. He truly loves doing this job.

Waiting for the train on the way home after church. Every now and then Parker splurges on a Carmel Frapp.

Parties in the park.

It’s been really nice to have friends here in NYC to celebrate. The princess in the video above had a birthday party in the park and she invited us. It just so happened, another church friend hosted a birthday party just after the first one at the exact same spot in the same park! At the first party, Anna got purple hair!

At the second we hung out with a LOT of our friends! Someone hit a milestone 30th birthday and he is a person worth celebrating for sure!!

We also had Friday Nights in the park… We only made it to one due to travel, company in town, and more travel, but the one we made it to was SO much fun!


We are so thankful we found Liberty Church – thanks Brian and Sheri! We love the people and feel at home there. Solid Biblical teaching and Godly friendships are a treasure not to be taken for granted.

Father’s Day with friends.

I feel like a heel because the pictures I got of the fathers were blurry and frankly, I didn’t take many at all! We did a lot of eating and a lot of talking… very little picture taking. But that doesn’t mean the fathers of these families don’t deserve all the thanks in the world. They are amazing men, fathers, and husbands.

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