NY Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo, and AMNH

Over the summer we are trying to do one fun field trip per week.

In June we visited the NY Aquarium on Coney Island and were able to take Amber with us.

NY Aquarium

If you are at all familiar with Coney Island you’ll recognize the Cyclone photobombing!

Anna loves her mask-necklace from Cousin Lincoln!

The outdoor Sea Lion show was so much fun!

Bronx Zoo

A few weeks later Carson went to the Bronx Zoo with us and treated his younger siblings to a stuffed animal of their choice. Something we never really did for the bigs because we were paying off debt when they were Parker’s and Anna’s ages. What a sweet big brother!

On our quest to hit all of the Carousels in NYC, we rode the Bug Carousel at the Bronx Zoo!
Parker had honor of signing the wall!

⚠️Warning: The second clip in the following video is loud. Keep the volume pretty low. You have been warned.⚠️

We learned that driving to the zoo doesn’t really save us any time AND gets us stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for over an hour. Next time, we’re going to pack some fun train-activities and settle in for a long train ride where MOMMY doesn’t have to do all the work!

Museum of Natural History

A few weeks later Amber’s family went to the Museum of Natural History with us and we attended a short-term Exhibition called “Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker.” Fun way to connect our live viewing of sea lions to a documentary on their habitat and ways of living.

Written in August, posted in September, but backdating to June 10! One day I’ll be caught up!

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