Pool Buddies

Going to the pool is fun, but always more fun when you get to go with your friends.

These girls are adorable in the pool and I get as much joy watching them walk to and from as I do from watching them in the pool.

I’m writing this blog post two months after the date this was filmed and I can see such an improvement in Anna’s swimming! In June I was right beside her the entire time she swam. Now (mid-August) I don’t even have to stay in the pool area but can sit at a table and glance at her occasionally. She’s mastered floating when she gets tired so I consider her an independent swimmer now!

Sometimes big brothers come along.

Sometimes a bigger brother comes to swim!
Matching bathing suits!
Dreading the day these friends move away.

This summer has been much more bearable than last summer. I thought I was going to MELT last summer, so I’m thankful and can’t complain. I am not wishing away these last few weeks of summer (our kids’ school starts Sept 13!) but I will not begrudge the changing of the colors and the cooler temperatures!!

As I said, I’m writing this mid-August but will backdate it to June, 2021 to keep the posts as chronological as possible.

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