The rest of May 2021

May held Hayden’s 20th birthday, a trip to Hawaii, and exploring a cool island that is part of NYC. But there were other sweet memories in May that I’d like to share.

BFFS walking together

Anna and Amber are the sweetest friends and we have a fantastic play-date schedule. Six days a week they play together for three hours, alternating houses. This was one day when we went down to pick Amber up:

Texas-friends visit

We really made a lot of good friends in Texas and this family moved sort-of nearby. They came into the city to celebrate a birthday and were sweet enough to spend a day with us. We went to DUMBO and got ice cream at Oddfellows. My opinion: tasty but I’ll keep searching for my favorite ice cream place. So far we’ve tried Oddfellows and Black-owned Sugar Hill Creamery, with Ample Hills and Van Leeuwen on tap, PLUS, Carson and I have a date planned to hit up a Black-owned Cream and Cocoa.

*Note: If you wonder why I mentioned that two of those places are Black-owned, first, you don’t know me well. I am passionate about racial education, racial reconciliation, and leveling the playing field for my friends of color. Second, you can read my book called, “Once You See Racism” and read my not-so-flattering journey of learning about race and racism. I can’t fix the world but I can share my story and spend my money at places owned by Black Americans. It’s not much, but it’s something.


We have a goal to do five fun things a month. Usually they’re something as simple as a family walk around post. Sometimes we happen to time them with gorgeous sunsets!

22nd Wedding Anniversary

When the train’s schedule flashes your anniversary date you snap a picture!

Matt surprised me with the coolest date! We went to the F*R*I*E*N*D*S Experience!! I expected to see the sets recreated but I was actually taken off guard a time or two when it really felt like I was in the actual spaces. The first time was when we entered Monica’s apartment and the second was in the coffee shop. Well done, Friends Experience! Well done!

It’s an actual, working, coffee shop. The people in line are not extras but real customers.


Yes, you read that right! Matt and I got to go to a movie premier! There are so so so many words I want to write about this and I will eventually. You’ll see these pictures in another blog post soon, but for now, let me just say that we are incredibly proud of the Executive Producer and her accomplishments! The film, Oslo, was nominated for two Emmy AWARDS, one of those was to Executive Producer, Cambra Overend.

This is from

So there is our May 2021. As I’ve mentioned, 2021 has been the hardest year of our lives, but along the way there are joyful and special moments that I do not want to lose sight of.

Posted on 8-2-21 but backdating to 5-31-21.

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