Governors Island

I’ve heard it said that living in New York City one can never get bored.

I would have to agree. We have been here exactly eleven months (as of the day I’m writing this) and we haven’t even scratched the surface!

When Anna’s friend invited us to go to Governors Island for the day we couldn’t pass it up! The whole time there I was thinking how much my family would love it! WE NEED to get over there.

The history of the Island is fascinating, and while in Hawaii I met a person who was one of the last people to get to live there when Governors Island was a military installation. So neat!

Now it’s a purely recreational spot with majestic views of the city as well as “The Statue of Liverty” as Anna calls it.

There’s a huge hill you can climb and once there you are rewarded with an amazing view. Click through the slideshow below to get a taste of what we saw. There are a few pics my friend took of me taking pictures of the city. I was making crazy faces but I decided to include them anyway because I’m rarely in pictures!

The crazy tall slides were a hit! The playgrounds were really fun!

Do not let my incredibly expressive daughter fool you. She had a BLAST on this ride (doing none of the work, of course).

I took this picture because it was proof that NYC is waking up! The crowds were wonderful! Rarely do I rejoice at the sight of crowds as I prefer to have the place to myself. I’m a homeschooling mom conditioned to doing all our field trips on week-days to avoid the crowds, but it is SO GOOD to see New Yorkers moving around.

I really wanted that ice cream. I wanted to dump the whole scoop into my coffee, but I was a nice mama and let Anna eat (almost) all of it. {Again, it’s weird to have pictures of myself from outings with the kids.}

A military wife is always thinking about the next move. It’s impossible not to. We’ve been here eleven months now and I’m already dreading moving from this place. I love NYC, even the less-than-shiny parts. I’m so glad someone got a picture of me in the subway, doing what I do… check email, upload pics to the socials, text people to make sure all are where they need to be. The extra kiddos in these pictures are moving soon and the grief has already begun. Anna told Amber that she’s moving with her. Oh, dear Lord, my baby girl is going to be so sad. This will be her first Army-heartbreak.

So very much not looking forward to that.

This day was a treasure in that it showed us a new part of this incredible city and we got to spend it with some special friends in their final days as our neighbors.

Posted on 6-13-21 and backdating to 5-22-21

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6 Responses to Governors Island

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Love your delightful NYC adventures!!

  2. Pammy says:

    You look amazing!!

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