Girl Date: Roosevelt Island

I told Anna all about the pretty pink flowers Matt and I saw on our Roosevelt Island date and mentioned that I would love to take her on a Girl-date there next year. She missed the “next year” part and got all excited about it so we went!

First we attended an art exhibit with a full-size room from the book Goodnight Moon. That was really neat, though my men were underwhelmed. (Is it just one room? they asked? Yes… the story is set in a child’s bedroom.)

Funny story: I wanted to see what captured Anna’s attention about the room so I gave her my phone to take as many pictures as she wanted. She took five of me (and none of the room)! Be still my heart…

After parting ways, Matt and Parker headed back home, and Anna and I headed out on our Girl-date.

In the station waiting for our train:

Riding the tram:

Just to the right of the bridge’s pillar you can see the row of pink cherry blossom trees we spent our time playing in/near.

Girl Dates = Cake pops (for Anna) and coffee (for Mama). Note the green peeking through the pink blossoms. Almost at the end of their blooming period.

Anna loves to climb!

While the trees were just past peek color on Roosevelt Island, our trees at home were just entering their peak.

On the way home:

Those eyes looking up at me! (Sometimes I am surprised my my new reflection. I hesitated to post this picture out of self-consciousness… then thought that was stupid. I’ve been not posting pictures of me my whole life for that reason. I have to get over myself and just post. LOOK AT HER FACE! I think she had a fun time on her Girl-date with mommy! – Oh, and her mask refuses to stay over her nose. )

Our date didn’t end when we got home. We had time for me to put up the hammock beside our little backyard playground and chill before I had to make dinner.

Here are some pictures of her in the tree just in front out our house the day before our date… in full-bloom. It’s so fascinating that less than 10 miles (as the crow flies) the same trees can bloom at different times. Look how vivid that pink is against the blue sky.

I love my Girl-dates and how they are getting more and more fun as Anna gets older. She is such a fun person. So unique and strong and independent and confident. I’m so thankful I get to be her mom. Well, one of them.

The more to love the merrier…

April Dinwoody of Born in June, Raised in April: A podcast about what adoption can teach the world

Posting on 5-26-21 but backdating to 4-27-21

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2 Responses to Girl Date: Roosevelt Island

  1. Jean Hyatt says:

    Jennifer, I Love those photos of your family, They are very happy photos for you and Family. I Love You Sweetheart and I Love You so Much, Enjoy Your Amazing Day today Sweetheart

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