Roosevelt Island Date

New York City has blown me away with its seasons.

Summer is my least favorite with it being a million degrees; our air conditioner is spotty, and our house has HORRIBLE insulation.
Fall was breathtaking. The colors changed slowly so it wasn’t a big burst all at once but more of a slow and steady revealing of the colors.
Winter, bless, was exciting with lots of snow to make this Southern girl happy, though I was hoping for one more big storm before we packed away our snow gear.
Spring has been absolutely gorgeous. The cherry trees are in bloom and showing off.

I’ve wanted to see the cherry trees since the beginning of April but wasn’t able to find any in the part of Central Park we went in. We had gone to the Museum of Natural History and just crossed the street to see what we could see. No cherry trees, but did see a lot of daffodils (my favorite flower).

We have podcaster friends (it’s a stretch for me to call them friends but we have hung out with them once and ran into them in the city twice, so call me local and give me a break… I’ll call them friends) who just moved from the Upper East Side to Roosevelt Island and they constantly post pictures of RI’s Cherry trees.

It was my turn to plan our date so I hired a sitter (Parker, with one of the bigs as the “adult in the house) and Matt and I took the day to explore Roosevelt Island. We could have taken the F-train all the way to the Island but we wanted the full experience.

We took the R-to the F-to Lexington, then walked to the Tram, which crosses the East River from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island.

You can see that my phone was ready to record behind my head.

Once there we rented Citibikes and took a little bike tour of the southern half of the island.

My family got me the Vera Bradley backpack for Mother’s Day… I’m already using it. Don’t they have great taste?!? How’d they know what I wanted? (I ordered it.) I LOVE it. I’ve never had a backpack that is specifically designed for a woman’s shoulder-width. SO. COMFORTABLE.

There’s a CREEEEPY abandoned 1850’s Small Pox hospital near the southern tip that is hoped to be opened as a beautiful park. I hope we live here long enough to see that accomplished. Be sure to go to that website and scroll down to the second picture for an amazing arial view of the Island.

We spotted the green mermaid and hit her up for Americanos once we returned the bikes. We sat by the water and talked, uninterrupted, for about an hour. While sitting there we recognized the podcaster I mentioned before and chatted with him and his daughter for a few minutes. Even in New York City we run into people we know! So neat!

We took the tram back across the water to Manhattan, walked to Barnes and Noble to buy books for an upcoming vacation sans kids. (Most of my books are on audio these days. I plan to read some with my eyes during this vacation!)

Dinner was an impromptu visit to a Greek place I’ve been wanting to try. Hands down, best Greek food we’ve had since Wiesbaden! (And we’ve been searching!)

That meat was so delicious! I had it for dinner last night and could easily have it again tonight!

Dates are awesome!

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