March Miscellaneous

Some things don’t need a whole blog post but they’re pretty fun and deserve to be included.

Here we go:

Anna pointing to a bird, an airplane, or Superman, I don’t know, but I was mesmerized by my cutie with the sunset and our bridge in the background.

Sometimes you just miss your old bed so much you fall asleep on it under your new bed. (What? You’ve never done that?)

Oh, my little dancer-girl:

Hayden trying his artistic skill at making things out of clay.

Looks so real!

Walking to our car after a birthday party… a view of the Empire State Building. It’s my favorite building in NYC and I can see it from so many places. It’s weird to just be heading to the car and BAM… there it is! (And no matter what I do, it always looks way smaller in pics than it does while I’m actually looking at it.) In case you’re not as familiar with it, it’s the building just above the center of my head.

I love that my phone shows me a tiny memory every time I open it. Sometimes I have to laugh at what it picks… pun intended:

I wanted a place to set my computer in the kitchen without it taking up counter space or being near water so… Amazon to the rescue! (Unrelated… we didn’t like the knives there so we have since moved them.)

My little butterfly loves the rain.

When you’ve been to church and then to the city for the brothers to get their first COVID shots, the ride home is for napping.

(And I matched my backpack perfectly.)

Anna loves the dentist as much as I do!

First fire of the season!

Getting a “tattoo” from the artist.
Who lives in NYC, has a backyard, and a water view?!? We are counting our blessings!!

That hair… that face…

We’re in love…

Written on 4-16-2021 and backdating to 3-31-2021.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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2 Responses to March Miscellaneous

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Precious memory-making images & reflections!!

  2. Maria Currey says:

    Precious memory-making images & reflections!!

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