Parker’s 11!

Parker is smart, hardworking, loving, and kind. I have loved having him as a student this year and I can’t believe this is his last year as an elementary school kid! Covid has kept him from being able to play sports and also kept him from meeting a lot of new kids, so he’s on a screen more than mama would like, but I bet that’s probably something most moms in 2021 would say.

I am learning how to make birthday cakes from my cake-hero and managed to make a few practice cakes before Parker’s that turned out amazing. Parker’s tasted like heaven but I learned something on his… there is a limit to the cake’s ability to hold icing. (Not saying there was too much icing… that’s not a thing… but I am saying that my cake wasn’t strong enough to hold the amount I applied.)

Parker picked a few toys as toppers and I also learned that some toys are too heavy to be cake toppers.

In spite of those lessons, his birthday party was a success and we had a blast celebrating him. His friends came over (the ones I mentioned in the previous post and the brothers of the friend we had over for Anna’s birthday) for cake and ice cream, and I’m fairly certain there was some kind of Minecrafting that took place. I’m writing this blog post from his birthday present: North Carolina! We surprised him with tickets to visit his cousins! (I’ll write about this visit later but it’s been filled with late nights, loud music, and four-wheeling.)

I’m so glad I get to be this kid’s mom!

My mouth is telling me I need more of that cake right now. I’m not listening…

We love our Parker!

Written on 4-6-21 and backdating to 3-13-21.
Also, I recognize there were more errors with Parker’s cake than I mentioned above… bulging and melting… I need to allow more time for it to settle before doing the final icing. I’m getting there! And since March 13th we’ve had two more birthdays, so two more opportunities for me to practice.

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  1. Sheri Prescott says:

    Happy Birthday, Parker!!

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