Museums, Zoos, and Turkish Coffee

Those are only related in that we experienced all of those things in March! Seasons passes are the way to go and we have zero regrets in the purchasing of them.

American Museum of Natural History

We got off the train and the station was decorated in honor of the Museum!

Our first visit to the Museum left us looking forward to our next visit. (Our second visit did the same!) There were two temporary exhibits that we wanted to see before they closed so we had those as our priorities, but just after that was the Easter Island head that was featured as “Dum Dum” in The Night at the Museum. (It’s a cast from a real one.) If you want to see some cute little boys with a real fragment of one of the Moai statues in Paris, go see this blog post from May 2011.

The Color Exhibit:

Central Park Zoo

We did not attempt the zoo on the same day as the museum. That would be madness! I’m just putting these together in a single blog post.

The most important thing on our list was the penguin exhibit. Both Parker and Anna love penguins and we ended up in this exhibit twice.

As fun as the penguins were, the sea loins were even more playful and entertaining. Not to mention the view was spectacular and it smelled a lot better out in the open air than in the penguin room.

I’ve seen this clock in person before but never when it was playing its music. I was determined to see it in action so we strategically timed our second visit to the penguins to align with the clock. It did not disappoint.

Tropical Exhibit
Sharing Dippin’ Dots.

They might have been a tad worn out:

Turkish Coffee

Matt and I are on a quest to find a Turkish doner to compare with what we had in Germany. We’ve found some good food, but nothing quite like what we are looking for. This lunch date was the best Turkish food we’ve had so far, though on our Plan we aren’t eating the bread, so we had it in salad form (if you’re curious about the plan, send me a message).

Found this gem on the wall of a building we’ve driven past a number of times, but this time, walking, we actually noticed it. It’s a brick-work of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge… the one we call “our bridge.” There’s something magical about walking your own neighborhood. Soon after we moved here we met a podcaster I’ve been following since we learned we were moving to NYC. She invited us and another brand-new-to-NYC family to Central Park. Since that time, that other friend has started a podcast about walking your neighborhood. I’ll link to both at the bottom of this page! I love both podcasts!

Last week I found myself washing laundry at the local laundry mat because our washing machine is dead. (It died March 28th… this blog post is being written on April 7th but backdated to March 10th… I hate writing them out of order and backdating, but I’ve got to give myself some grace… I can’t keep up but I can take pockets of time to write, then post them in a logical order.) I needed to go to the commissary but also needed coffee. There are multiple Dunkin’ Donuts and a few Starbucks in Bay Ridge, but I wanted to find a local place. I found one called Pep Bakehouse and Coffee Shop. I needed pep, so I went there and got an Americano. I will become a regular at this place! You should check out their quiche!

My selfie game is lacking but I am really trying to be real, not too worried about make-up, wrinkles, and such. I want to be in pictures for my kids to see later, and since I’ve been on this plan for a few months, I feel more confident, even in my make-up-less, straight from the laundry-mat state. I was so happy that I found a local coffee shop that I was willing to try a selfie, and I’m being brave and posting it here. (Not brave enough for the socials, but here in my own house {er, blog-house} I’ll share.)

And that concludes a whirlwind blog post of an amazing museum, a beautiful zoo, and not one but two kinds of delicious coffee.

Coming to New York City Podcast

Walking Distance: Where Love for Neighbor and Neighborhood Meet

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2 Responses to Museums, Zoos, and Turkish Coffee

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Love the chronicles of your family adventures!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Me, too. Documenting these like this has been so rewarding. They say that the memories of events are often more treasured than the actual time spend DOING the events. Remembering them takes much less energy, that’s for sure! And we tend to remember the highlights, not the moments the kids were whiny or complaining (not that my kids do that…).

      I’ve LOVED being able to search on this site for past events… an example is found in this particular post. While sharing Parker’s experience with the Moai statue I was able to link back to when the bigs saw one in Paris! Took less than 5 seconds to find and retrieve that memory. ❤

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