Visits do the heart good.

A year ago we were in the early days of our Germany-quarantine. We were still doing a daily-count, thinking the quarantine would be short enough to document in two-digit numbers.

Boy, were we wrong!

Very glad to see that things are moving in a positive direction but we are still not quite done with the COVID-era.

Moving during a pandemic was challenging in many ways, but the most difficult part was leaving established friendships and moving to a place where the pandemic hit the hardest, making meeting people nearly impossible. We went 4 months before we knew that the townhouses on either side of us (literally, attached to our house) each had three kids! They simply did not go outside… ever.

We are so thankful that we have met a family down the street who has a friend for Anna and two for Parker! We visit with them multiple times a week and we have each others’ backs! (I took care of her family during their scary bout with COVID and she’s had my back during this season of a broken washing machine… she knows the woes of “large family laundry.”)

The teens have each had close friends come visit which has done their hearts so much good.

Hayden’s friend M, lives in NJ so she comes over often, and Elizabeth is hoping to come this summer. Bailey’s friend, Landon, came from NC and the two had a blast. Carson’s friend, Gage, came from AK, and though it’s been 4 years since they saw each other in person, they picked up where they left off. Mil-kids amaze me.

Hayden and M seeing the city:

Bailey and Landon.


Parker and Anna are too young to have friends come visit so I am writing this sitting in my brother’s recliner in North Carolina, watching them play with their Hyatt-cousins and yesterday their Hamrick-cousin came to spend the day. (The teens are being responsible and working all week.)

Hyatt-side cousins on Easter and matching buns:

Hamrick-Cousin swing-time! (I must let it be known Anna put that bow in her own hair… I’m not really a bow-mom.)

I’ll post later about this trip and will try to do better at taking pictures over the next few days! I’ve been here three days and these are the best I’ve gotten so far! The kids have been busy balancing playing outside and staying in PJs being lazy. Hard to get good photos of that… just soaking in all the time together.

Written on 4-6-21 and backdating to 3-1-21.

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3 Responses to Visits do the heart good.

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  2. William Shelnutt says:

    Jennifer, So good to hear from all of you. I really enjoy the updated Christmas cards with family picture. I have it on my prayer board, and last years, etc. I don’t see any little, little children anymore in your family. Your family will always have a special spot in my heart and memories. Keep blessing others, YBIC, Mr Bill

    William C. Shelnutt, IX

    Global and Central Texas Prays

    1403 Bowen Ave,

    Copperas Cove, TX 76522


    To Heal Sometimes,

    To Restore Often,

    To Comfort Always

    • Jennifer says:

      How good it is to hear from you! We miss you and all that you poured into our family!! Yes, my kids are getting so big! Time is flying too fast!

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