Dialog, Date, Depart…

Those words were part of our wedding ceremony. We were challenged to dialog daily, date monthly, depart annually.

Almost 22 years later we are still keeping that in mind.

Matt just returned from a two-week TDY (work trip) and before he left, Hayden urged us to get away for a night. Don’t have to tell me twice!

I found a nice (though tiny) hotel room with a view of the Empire State Building for less than $100 (Radisson Times Square) and Matt and I headed out once I had done the absolute necessities for school on the Friday before Matt left.

We hit several NYC places that the kids had little interest in seeing and realized just how fast a team of two can get around the city (as opposed to a party of seven!).

We shopped at the mall at Columbus Circle then grabbed Chick-fil-a to eat at the hotel.

View from our hotel!

We slept in until we wanted to get up and then Matt made a coffee-run. We stayed in the hotel room watching nonsense on TV until we had to check out… literally, walked out of our hotel room at 11 am! I played a dozen rounds of Solitaire while watching the news about the storm (more snow and even more snow) as well as the upcoming Super Bowl.

Having only Hulu/Netflix/Amazon I am spoiled by no commercials. I think we spent more time changing channels to find something that was actually a show as opposed to COMMERCIALS. I do not miss them!

Matt made a plan for our day. On the way to our first stop I noticed these old buildings that were preserved and left intact between taller, newer buildings. I love them!

In December I read a novel by Fiona Davis titled The Lions of Fifth Avenue, set inside the NYC Library. I wish it were open but due to COVID all libraries here are closed except for a few pick-up/drop-off sites. There are none open for perusing.

Matt and I are working our way toward the end of the series, Elementary. We have really enjoyed this show and hate the end is coming. While the show is set in Brooklyn, the brownstone they use for the exterior is in Harlem.

Starbucks New York Roastery

We needed a mid-day cup of coffee and happened upon one of the biggest Starbucks we’ve ever seen! I took this photo from their website because I didn’t want to be that person snatching photos while standing in awe of the huge roasting barrel in the background!

High Line – we had to walk a bit out of our way to enter the High Line but it was absolutely worth the walk! This is definitely a place we’ll take guests! NYC showing off…

And abandoned raised-subway line converted into a park. Stunning!

Friends Apartment – While Friends was filmed in LA, the show was set in NYC and we found the apartment. Today Monica’s apartment would cost about $4500 a month.

And for 80s kids everywhere, the Ghostbusters Fire House.

I loved being able to see these cool places with my best friend! I look forward to many more overnights with my guy.

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