More snow!

I am still not tired of the snow, though I may be standing alone in this opinion by the time winter is over. I enjoy the falling snow and I actually enjoy shoveling. This is largely because I don’t have to go many places and my daily life isn’t negatively impacted by the white stuff, so I’m throwing no shade at those who dislike it.

I do feel horrible for those who suffered during the snow storm in Texas this month. In fact, I didn’t really share much of my excitement about our own snow here because I felt that would be insensitive. We had our share of anxiety during it as we were caring for neighbors who were sick with COVID… they had to call an ambulance twice, during the biggest storm NYC has gotten in the past five years, with 16 inches falling in a 24 hour period.

Matt walked to work in a literal blizzard, and also to the pharmacy a few times for our neighbor, as the doctors were trying everything they could to keep her from having to go to the ER, something she eventually had to do.

MTA doesn’t shut down very often….

Our house during the snow storm!

Of course, we had FUN, too.

I love watching Anna go full-steam ahead into the snow!

I post this video with permission.

Sledding! The first video shows you just how steep was the hill that Anna and Parker were sledding. This video makes me laugh at just how hard it was for them to get back up this hill. There’s no way I would have tried that hill!

The truckster enjoying the snow!
The irony… our neighbor’s poor car.

Another few storms came later in Feb… I’ll share that later!

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