Anna Turns 5!!

For the past three years Anna has known what kind of birthday she wants to have months before her actual birthday. So far once she’s set it in her mind, she hasn’t changed it.

She enjoyed turning four with Olaf and decided to turn five with him as well.

We met her best buddy because she is the little sister of Parker’s best buddy here at Fort Hamilton. When preschool started we were thrilled that they were in the same class! They were the only family we had over for Anna’s birthday party and once the festivities were over, Parker headed to their house to play and the little sister stayed here until long after dinner.

I’m used to much larger parties and though I scaled much of it back we still had food leftover! We snacked on fresh cut veggies for days!

Anna has absolutely loved the playdough her friend brought her and plays with it about every other day. She wears the Brown Ballerina shirt from Miss Kayla at least twice a week! And we plan to go to FAO Schwarz soon to buy new Tonies with the money sent by grandparents.

We miss those with whom we’ve celebrated in past years and pray that next year we will be able to celebrate on a larger scale. Our family loves parties!

I wish you could see this video. I haven’t asked permission to show Anna’s friend’s face so I’ll just add this screenshot. Anna was rocking back and forth, admiring her creations, snacking on gummy bears, and hanging out with her friend. It was a sweet moment and I’m so glad we were able to have this special day to celebrate her. I’m so honored to be her mama!

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