NYC is Magical in the Snow

The Hamricks are snow-lovers! We watched the clock on the day we were supposed to get snow and were not disappointed. Only 20 minutes after they called for it to begin, the white stuff started falling. I took a photo of the same spot every 45 minutes and I’ll spare you the slideshow that contains all of the pictures, here is a quick run-through.

We simply couldn’t wait for accumulation to get out and play so we headed out early! That evening Parker went sledding with his friends and you can see just how much snow we were getting by that point.

The next day Parker took us back to the same place he and his friends had played. If you watch to the end you can see ME sled!

And more sledding:

More snow fun:

Kids playing in the snow:

Why, yes, I can parallel park the Truckster in the snow. (But I did pass up several spots that had deep snow because, you know… rear-wheel drive.)

I was itching to see the city blanketed in snow. It was pretty magical and offered a memory I’ll treasure. Matt and I went to see the tree and the Saks Light Display before going to Central Park for a horse-drawn carriage ride. (We’re packing in a lot of the touristy things for two reasons: we still have stars in our eyes… “WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE LIVE HERE!” and because next year we are hoping the crowds are crazy and that we’ll be glad we took advantage of a sleepier NYC.)

Here is a video of the strange set-up of the tree-viewing area set up this way because of COVID.

We snuck a moment without masks.

We strolled up 5th Ave to look at the window displays:

Next Matt and I were off to Central Park.

Passing the Elf Bridge with snow!

We love snow! We love NY in the snow! We love Christmastime with snow!

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