Anna, meet Ms. Ana…

Today was the “Dress Pick-up” day for our little ballerina.

The USOMetropolitanNY teamed with Bronxville Ballet to offer mil-kids ballet lessons over the past couple of months. Anna has LOVED these lessons and looked so adorable doing them.

I loved watching this!

Today I figured I’d stop by and grab the dress on my way home from the commissary (had to prep for the big snow storm we’re about to get!!) and when I walked in I saw none other than THE BALLET INSTRUCTOR!

I had a bit of a moment when I fan-girled, then said that I had to go get Anna. I had to let her see her teacher in person! Anna’s rest time ended early, she dressed in her ballet (play) clothes and, as we were getting in the car, Matt walked up. I told him to get in the car, that we were going on a surprise adventure.

We walked in the building (and took off Anna’s coat) and I pointed to her teacher.

You can see Anna’s posture… not quite sure she was seeing things right!

“Am I really seeing my teacher?!?”
Clapping… “Yes, I am!”
“What do I do now??!”
Then Ms. Ana gives a suggestion… “Can you do the pizza?” and Anna executes it perfectly.
And earns an applause from her magical Ballet teacher!!
And shyness took over and she needed Daddy to help her approach Ms. Ana to get her new dress.
Had we stayed five more minutes Anna-girl would have been twirling and popping all over the room, but we needed to scoot. What a fun memory!
She changed the second we got home!
That genuine joy…

Thank you, USO Metropolitan New York and Bronxville Ballet! What a highlight during a challenging season!

Below are some pictures from earlier this season.

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4 Responses to Anna, meet Ms. Ana…

  1. Pammy M. says:

    I bet she was so excited!!! And I’m sure it made the teachers day too 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Jennifer says:

      I really do think she made the teacher’s day! It was a sweet moment! I was sad Anna didn’t show her true bubbly self while there, which is why I made sure to tag the teacher in the pictures I took of her at home. 🙂

  2. Maria Currey says:

    Sweetest magical moments in Anna’s heart-bank of memories!! You are memory making for a lifetime!! Love your adventures and your family love!

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