November/December 2020 Fun

This has been a full month and I’ve written a blog post about it (which is password protected, so if you want to read it, just ask and I’ll give it to you – an explanation is included in the post).

Carson got his first grown-up job here on Fort Hamilton at Burger King.

He is rocking this job!

Anna is one of the students participating in the USO’s Ballet lessons offered by Bronxville Ballet! We are so very grateful for the opportunity!

I think Anna is the most beautiful ballerina I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes Anna and I need a girl date…

Of course we went to FAO Schwarz for her to window shop at her own pace and she always comes back to this piano.

Our real purpose for going to Rockefeller Plaza was to see what the tree looked like as it was being decorated. How fun to be able to take a train 20 minutes from church to see it in progress.

Ten days later Matt, Anna, and I went on a date together and saw the progress. It’s such an undertaking!

Look at these giant Christmas lights!
Anna noticed the mask!

Funny story about the lighting of this tree:
We are truly home now because we’ve had our regular dental appointments. Once you’ve sat in a dentist’s chair and you know you’ve found the right dental team (staff, hygienist, and dentist) you can officially call yourself home. While sitting there the team remembered that that night was the tree lighting – at 9:45. I thought to myself that this would be the year to attend if you’re like me and don’t prefer large crowds. When I brought the idea up to the family, both Hayden and Matt wanted to give it a go, while Carson, Bailey, and Parker wanted to stay home. The was fine by me, as we could put Anna down and head into the city without littles. We left around 9 and arrived to find that it was completely closed to the public!

The site I found the information on clearly stated that it was going to be open to the public starting 3 DEC but I didn’t even read that line. I assumed it’d be open, and read the details that we’d need to know about arriving. (Pretty smart methods of keeping crowds down. I’m actually impressed.)

We didn’t waste the night, though, and enjoyed the decorations and a piece of pizza at our favorite pizza place. We arrived home at midnight and I let my students sleep in! (I slept in!)

My kid’s cooler than your kid.

Another sign we’re officially “home” now is that I’ve rotated through all of my mugs. I know I’ve talked about this collection before but sharing it on Facebook recently brought up a few questions so I thought I’d answer them here.

  • I have roughly 90 and I do specifically collect the Starbucks city/country mugs. A few friends have gone to places where Starbucks stores don’t exist and brought me special non-Starbucks mugs from those locations and those are treasures, as well. I don’t have a hard rule that I have to have been to the location – I have some hardcore collector friends who only display the ones from places they’ve personally been, but the ones given to me by friends on their trips are just as special to me as the ones I pick up myself. And I remember the person as I am using the mug.
  • I got more use out of the mugs before COVID when we often had people over to our house. We open this cabinet and tell guests to pick a mug and it’s aways fun to hear why they picked a certain one.
  • I keep a list on Evernote so that I can access it wherever I am. I’ve had friends message me from wherever they are and ask, “Do you have a mug from ______?” Even if I’m not home I can check my handy-dandy app and answer them right away.

It’s that time of year again:

My advent candle got a little melted during the move…
And finally, I love to do lesson plans by the tree!

Merry Christmas, my friends. I have so much on my heart but I’ll have to unpack that later. For now, I pray you are heathy, safe, and blessed.

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