Tree-up Day and Decorations

The day after Thanksgiving is when we decorate for Christmas. We had good helpers this year!

One of my biggest challenges in this Army life is figuring out where our tree and other Christmas decorations will go in each new space. I was afraid the tree wasn’t going to fit in this particular house but we made it work. The love-seat is in an awkward position, but the tree is where we all wanted it so we’re okay with the weird arrangement.

My Polish Nativity

My beloved Schwibbogen… that time it worked. If you remember, we bought this on our anniversary trip to Rothenburg. What I didn’t blog about was the drama (TRAUMA) that ensued.

I intentionally bought the 110 volt version so that I could use it forever. We got it home and it worked for five hours. For some reason it blew. I was accused of plugging it into a 220v outlet but I hadn’t done that. Living on post, I have both outlets and I had plugged it directly into the 110v.

Fortunately, the Käthe Wohlfahrt store on post (Stuttgart) was willing to exchange it for me so that I didn’t have to go to Rothenburg to swap it out.

I got it home and plugged it in, to enjoy it for a while before shipping it to NY with our UAB. It blew within hours. We went back and this is when I was really accused of doing something stupid. I even took a picture of the outlet I used so that they’d believe me.

I left the item with them overnight while they called the main store to determine if they would exchange it. With much reservation they did it, rebuking me sternly and letting me know that this was the last time they’d exchange it for me.

I decided not to plug it in at all until we got to the United States where we could be sure that the voltage coming from the wall was accurate.

This beautiful peace worked for all of 12 hours (over the course of three different sessions) before it blew.

I’ve had a neighbor check with some electrical experience check it out. It’s getting electricity to the bulbs and it’s registering 110v. Hobby stores around here won’t touch it. We have one last option… there’s a lighting store in the city that may be able to do something for it.

Otherwise, I’ve wasted a couple-hundred dollars. So much for my last-hurrah from Germany. It sure was pretty while it worked.

I’m writing this on December 27th, knowing that soon we’ll take these decorations down for another year. Next year decorating won’t be as daunting because we’ve already done the work of figuring out where things will go. We keep saying we’re going to get a new artificial tree because this one sheds so badly, but it still looks better than the ones we see in stores! We’re going keep using it as long as it stands upright!

Merry Christmas!

Backdating to the day after Thanksgiving.

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