School, The Truckster, Grand Central, and Black Panther

Routine! Finally! After being all out of sorts from the beginning of May (when we shipped our HHGS), we were so very ready for routine.

Our printer had not arrived by the time I needed to prep for school so Matt basically forced me to go to Staples to buy one. On one of the days we borrowed our neighbor’s car I found a perfectly acceptable printer for $69. I loathed the idea of buying something I already owned but I simply couldn’t prepare for our school year without it. As of this writing we’ve been in school for six weeks and it’s actually been quite convenient to have two printers: my good one upstairs (which arrived in tact a few weeks ago) and this one downstairs. No matter where I happen to be working with my students I have a printer handy.

Aug 17 – First day of school! My students:

Hayden – second year of college
Carson – 12th
Bailey – 11th
Parker – 5th
Anna – 4 year old preschool

I took a picture but it was one of those that the kids were less-than-thrilled to take, so I promised it’d be just for me. I need to schedule our family photos so I can have some updated pictures that everyone’s cool with me sharing. (It’s hard to get all five of them smiling at the same time!)

Fun little fact: I hired Hayden to Nanny for Anna so that I could do school with Carson, Bailey, and Parker. We had arts and crafts for the two of them to do and they loved their time together.

Aug 19 – We got the Truckster!! We shipped it on July 7th, two days before we flew and it arrived only six weeks later. We were content to take the train everywhere, but buying groceries is SO MUCH easier with our own car. We were blessed to borrow a friend’s car on Sundays to do our shopping, but there’s nothing like the independence of having our own here!

Aug 22 – Coney Island: again! We felt another beach day was in order so we decided to go to one less populated. As it turns out, that also meant less maintained. We’ll be sure to stick to the boardwalk beach on Coney Island next time! Even with the mess we had a blast and how cool that we could see our own house from the beach!

Our house is somewhere above that speed boat, to the left of the VA, the big white building.
It’s really hard to see in this picture but the skyline of Manhattan is above Bailey’s head… sticking out of the Kohl’s building.

Such a funny girl. I caught a natural smile and she immediately started posing… and I caught this silly crazy pose!

Aug 27 – Parker meets a new friend! My heart! This friend is a sweetheart and I can honestly tell you I’m praying so hard that these two boys hit it off and are able to become close friends. I took this picture because my heart swelled at the sight of Parker having a buddy. This duty station is not like our last, where we lived in the neighborhood designed for big families and kids were everywhere. Here, there are many households with no kids, and because of COVID, many are staying inside. So… making new friends has been quite a challenge.

As of this writing, these two boys have been friends for almost a month and it seems like they are going to be good buddies! This was their first time on the playground and I sent this picture to his mom.
We really like their family!

Aug 30 – Grand Central Station/Times Square – Carson hadn’t yet been to Times Square so we decided we’d take him, and hit Grand Central while we were at it.

Anna was beyond excited to move to “New York City in the United States” so she could see the “Statue of Liverty.” We spot her everywhere!

When Anna’s legs get tired, someone is always willing to carry her.

These green USPS mailboxes intrigued me so a quick google search informed me that they’re used for mail-carriers who have too much mail to carry around on their delivery. They will stash some mail in these, deliver mail, then come back to get more. Brilliant!

These green mail boxes are called Relay Mail Boxes.

At some point we split and I took Anna to the M&Ms store and the boys went somewhere else. I couldn’t help but notice this massive sign across the street… oh my word! As of this writing (Sept 24th) it’s open and I have yet to go there… but it won’t be long!

Krispy Kreme! YES, PLEASE!

We went into a comic store which was filled to the brim with fun stuff, but this is what caught my eye… and after checking to see that there weren’t signs forbidding photos I took one. It turned out better than I expected because when I got home and looked through my pictures, for a second I thought it was from a zoo or something, with all the greenery. I took this photo only two days after Chadwick Boseman passed away from colon cancer. No matter what sentence I write to honor his life and his accomplishments, I feel that I have utterly failed to summarize his legacy so I won’t even try.

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