Beaches, Bridges, Bikes, and Kites.

Real New Yorkers, I know you’re shaking your head at my excitement over every little thing. Give me some time and I’m sure the stars will fall from my eyes. (Probably not.) Either way, I have no intention of writing these blog posts to cover every single outing but we’re still so new to this adventure and so excited to be seeing all of these things for the first time as a family that I can’t help myself. So, feel free to say “she’s not from around here” and move on.

Aug 8 – Brooklyn Bridge * Fraunces Tavern * Krispy Kreme

We heard that Grimaldi’s was the best pizza place in NYC so we had to try it early on.

We were excited to be trying something famous and in our own borough. In non-pandemic times the wait can be up to two hours long and, had we waited that long for this pizza, we would have no-doubt sent it back. The entire bottoms of both pies were burnt. So burnt, in fact, that we couldn’t taste anything else. I’ll assume that this was an off-day for them because no one could like that flavor. Had I made them at home I would have tossed them and called it a cereal night. I won’t leave a formal review because I’ll assume that our experience was the anomaly but we have no desire to go try again.

The location, however, was pretty cool. We ate under the Brooklyn Bridge and could see people walking by above our heads.

After lunch we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

This girl knows how to pose.
So cool that from the Brooklyn Bridge you can see “our bridge” – the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

This was a pretty long walk and Anna ended up in the Ergo partially across the bridge.

On the other side we stopped by Krispy Kreme. We are huge fans and yes, we carried a very large bag with several dozen donuts around Lower Manhattan and on the train back home. No shame.

We saw Fraunces Tavern where our Founding Fathers met to discuss business and hash things out, then we walked to the 9/11 Memorial and saw the pools before passing Trinity Church on our way home.

Aug 11 – We ran into the craziest weather! We wanted a beach-day before the start of school. We loaded up our rolling cart, took the train to Coney Island, and settled down for lunch at Nathan’s. While eating we saw some crazy looking clouds. At 3:26 I took a picture of all of us eating (that isn’t blog-post worthy or I’d show it). About that time the teens finished and decided to go to the boardwalk to check it out. I finished lunch with the littles and the bottom dropped out. We ran for the cover of the metro station and I took this picture at 3:34:

I watched the radar and it showed that the storm was supposed to be gone very soon so we waited it out. Sure enough, ten minutes later we were walking to the beach, passing throngs of people who had gotten caught in the storm while on the beach. Their fun was over for the day while ours was just getting started. In fact, at 4:12 we were already on the beach, unpacked, and in the water, when I took this picture:

Figuring out the “portrait” mode on my new camera with a fast-moving subject = some strangely blurred parts of the picture, but the joy on this sand-loving girl’s face is unmistakable.

Two things stand out about the following picture:
1. We can see that red thing from our back porch… it’s call the Parachute Jump and is an amusement ride on Coney Island.
2. That guy has a living, breathing, crawling, snake on his hair.

Aug 12 – This is a friend Hayden met over a mutual love of music and moving to NY has allowed him to meet her IRL! She’s a dear friend and we are looking forward to getting to know her while we live here. (Not a girlfriend, just a friend who’s a girl.)

Anna is convinced that any guest we have is here to see HER, so we have to keep her entertained! 🙂

Aug 14 & 18th – We’ve been so impressed with Anna’s improvement in swimming this summer. She started out dangerous in the water (no fear, but no skill) and as she progressed she’s learned her limits and what to do when she’s exhausted (roll over and float). As a former lifeguard/swim instructor I know the most important skill to teach is how to overcome panic to the point where the person can get to a floating position. If you can teach that, the person can survive until help arrives (or until the pool’s jet system moves them to the edge where they can grasp the wall).

Once Anna had mastered floating I began to force her to “save herself” when she found herself scared or exhausted. Once floating I would rescue her. She’s not to the point where I’d let her go swimming with friends, but I am confident in letting her swim in both the deep and shallow ends without me in the water, as long as I’m there to coach her to float. Next summer I am sure she’ll be water-safe (though we can all agree that all water is dangerous to a degree).

It took a bit to get Anna to pose for the above picture. I wasn’t going for that kind of pose, really. Just wanted her to be still for a split second and when she finally got still, this is what she gave me. I could see that she was feeling silly so I pretended I was ready to take her picture and videoed instead:

At the end of our swimming that day she held her fingers up and said proudly, “My fingers are cherries!” (She meant prunes!)

🍒 Cherry fingers 🍒

Aug 15 – Flying Kites: A runaway kite got stuck on the tree outside our house so we posted it on our neighborhood Facebook page for a week, and then decided that we’d give it a fly! (If anyone claims it, we’ll happily give it back, but until then, we’re going to use it!)

Anna’s turn.
Parker’s turn.

We were gifted a bike for Anna when we moved here, but it was already a touch too small. When neighbors saw someone getting rid of one that was a better fit for Anna, they let me know! What a blessing! It’s PERFECT! (And we passed the small bike on to another family.)

August was a hot, but very fulfilling, month!

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