First Guest in NYC!

It all started with a surprise for Carson… Grace flew in to visit for the weekend!

SO. MUCH. FUN! (And so hard to keep a secret!)

Saturday we hit the ground running, masks and all, but Friday night we stayed home and had pizza delivered to our door (still a novelty for this family).

I had to take Anna to get her wiggles out and to give the teens time to play a game without a 4-year-old’s participation. We ended the evening playing JackBox TV and then our neighbor came by to tell us that NYC was doing a trial run of the lights that were to be displayed on September 11th. I can’t believe we could see it from our front porch!

(In two of these pictures you can see the tip of “our bridge” – and later you’ll be able to see that bridge from another vantage point.)

We started the day together then Anna and I veered off to Manhattan to run some errands while the rest of the people went shopping in Brooklyn.


I rarely have only one kid with me, and it’s almost never Anna. This was such a fun day of girl-stuff and we had a blast!

First, we went by Rockefeller Plaza to buy our Top of the Rock Observatory deck tickets. They were running a special: free kid ticket with the purchase of adult tickets… but the kicker was that we had to do that in person. So, while everyone else shopped in Brooklyn, Anna and I purchased our sunset tickets to the Top of the Rock.

Our tummies grumbled so we bought our first food-cart treats: Anna, wearing a Germany t-shirt, wanted a pretzel. I got a hotdog (not my first choice of treat but I was in NYC and figured I had to do it at least once). In one stop we got both a German and NYC treat!

This was Anna’s favorite part of the day! FAO Schwartz! I have to admit, it was fun experiencing it through her eyes. We spent over an hour there and bought absolutely nothing. With COVID-measures in place, there is one direction through the store. In the front, up the rear steps, through the other levels and then back down the front steps. We made this loop three times! Anna typically has four older brothers telling her to hurry or showing her all the things, so this was an opportunity for her to lead, both in where we went and in how long we stayed in each section.

Her eyes as she ran across the piano were so expressive! She had the run of the place.

Of course, we worked up an appetite for dessert, so we stopped next door at Magnolia Bakery, apparently a pretty famous bakery. (Not related to Waco’s Magnolia Farms – I googled it.)

The chocolate cupcake was heavenly!

We shared a glass of milk… and by shared, I mean that I drank the first half and gave her the second half.

I told Anna that we’d play in Central Park while we waited for our crew to catch up with us. We walked the short distance toward the trees (which we could see from where we were) and I couldn’t resist the coffee shop on the corner. I stopped in for a flat white and, because I was the last customer of the day, the barista said it was on the house! Well, then! I LOVE NY!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the surroundings. Steps away from the entrance of Central Park and you might as well be in the middle of a forest.

Carson and Grace met up with us at Central Park and Carson went off to find bottled water for us. Grace and Anna played on the swings and slide and then we cooled off with water.

We met the rest of the group at Chipotle and ate by the water fountain as we waited for our time to go to the Top of the Rock.

The entire time we were on the Top we were in awe of the views. SO stunningly gorgeous. Before this visit I assumed it’d be something I do once while we live here, but I will go back! It was a highlight of our time here. (Okay, we’ve only been here just over two months, but I absolutely loved this experience!)

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

“Our bridge” is well lit at night – just to the left of the Red-White-and-Blue Empire State Building.

When you have a guest come to NYC you surround her with all the men! (We took good care of her! We promise!) ⤵️

My new mask arrived the day we were in Manhattan the whole day. This one says, “History has its eyes on you…” a line from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton.”

After online-church on Sunday we took the ferry from Brooklyn Army Terminal to Pier 11, then the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty and to an outlet mall.

Before she left we had Grace sign beside, “Top of the Rock!” What fun!

And Anna signed by Coney Island since she’s been there a number of times.

Such a fun visit and so great to see a familiar face from our treasured time in Texas! No desire to return to that heat, but we do miss all the strong friendships we made there.

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5 Responses to First Guest in NYC!

  1. Melody Bloker says:

    I love this! The pictures are amazing!

    • Jennifer says:

      We really had a blast. Hayden took some on his “real camera” (the kind I carried way back in college – with real film that he had to mail off to have developed) and they turned out so well!

  2. Sheri Prescott says:

    LOVE your travel wall back up! And what a start to this new adventure, Jennifer! Friends, girl time (Anna looks so tall!), and incredible historical sites. Love these pictures!

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