From my point of view…

…there’s a reason there’s a difference in the outcry for Breonna Taylor and those like her and the outcry for Cannon Hinnant.

I am sharing my point of view on my blog for those who are actually trying to learn about how race impacts our American society. If you don’t like what I’ve written, please move on. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine.

I’ll say again, I do not fully support the organization Black Lives Matter because I have a few issues with their stances, but I do fully support the idea that Black lives matter.

I am not speaking for an organization.
I am not speaking for my Black friends.
I am speaking for myself…

From my point of view… there was never any doubt that the criminal who killed sweet Cannon was going to be arrested, tried, and found guilty. No one questioned that. In fact, according to “this major media news outlet,” the criminal was arrested the day after he shot Cannon.

Why did I put “this major media news outlet” in quotation marks? Because I’ve seen dozens of posts stating that the media isn’t covering it and people are asserting that it’s because the kid was white, the criminal was black, and that doesn’t fit into “their narrative.”

I think the news has covered as much as they can cover… a black man killed a white kid, was arrested, and now awaits a trial. The outcry for justice has been met. And it was never in question. (When I typed his name into the search bar I saw that USAToday, ABC, FOX, NewsWeek and others had also covered his tragic death.)

Breonna Taylor, an emergency room technician, was asleep in her bed FIVE MONTHS AGO when she was shot and killed by police who were at the wrong apartment. The outcry for her is that her killers are still free. No-one has been arrested as of today.


Cannon’s life and Breonna’s life matter equally. Those I personally know who support Black Lives Matter (those like me who don’t approve of the whole organization and those who do) would never say that Breonna’s life matters more. The entire point that BLM is trying to get across is summed up in the fact that Cannon’s killer was caught and behind bars 24 hours later, while Breonna’s are still free.

Our nation must address the ways our criminal justice system is set up in a way that hurts Black lives.

We need to address policing tactics that keep our police safe as they do a job that few sign up to do. The vast majority of the men and women who sign up for that job should be seen as heroes and I want my kids to honor and respect them but I can no longer simply accept the idea that a few bad apples don’t ruin the entire batch. Yes. Yes they do.
(It’s actually a fact. It has to do with ethylene…)

If a hospital had a surgeon on staff that kept losing patients on the operating table, he or she would be delicensed, not allowed to continue operating on patients because “the rest of the surgeons are good.”

If there is word that a teacher at a school has molested a student, the principal shouldn’t say, “well, that one teacher doesn’t taint the entire staff and we’re going to ignore what that teacher is doing because we don’t want to do the work necessary to weed him or her out, because it would make the other teachers feel bad.” NO! All the good teachers want that bad apple out of the system and away from children!

We have to demand more of our police officers but that’s not all. We have to change the system that the police officers are trained in and work for. If you really want to do the work, research how our policing system started. If these are the seeds that were planted at the origins, wouldn’t it be possible that some of the fruit is still on those branches?

How the U.S. Got Its Police Force

Wikipedia on Police: (Scroll down to the United States)

If you’re surprised by how the police are acting, you don’t understand US history: interesting quote from within the article: “…the Texas Rangers are named after a group of white men of the same name who slaughtered Comanche Indians in 1841 to steal indigenous territory and expand the frontier westward. The Rangers are considered the first state police organization.”

Do White Evangelicals Love Police More Than Their Neighbors?

I have not read through all of the above links nor listened to the above podcast. I’m listing them above to direct you to research for yourself – to show you that there are thousands of articles and conversations going on about this topic. If you haven’t had a bad encounter with a police officer, that’s fantastic. The individuals I know in law enforcement are wonderful and part of me even hesitates to have this aspect of the conversation because I don’t want them to think my thoughts or concerns are about them, individually. But I can’t stay quiet about this. I have real concerns about the way many are framing the discussion.

The vast majority of my “Facebook friends” do not understand the concept of “defunding police” as evidenced by the cartoons, memes, and other inaccurate things I’ve seen floating around.’

Like the one that says, ‘9-11, what’s your emergency”…. “Let me route your call to the department of unicorns and rainbows… hold. please.” Really? Posting that just proves that you haven’t read a single article about what ‘defunding the police’ means.

Now, I will say here, there are probably some who would suggest more aggressive actions than what I’m suggesting here, but from what I’ve read, here’s the overall gist:
redirect some of the funds currently being sent to the police to other organizations that are better suited for the kinds of calls that police are currently responding to, but aren’t trained to do.

You could read 100 different articles and find 100 different definitions, so you must be actively involved in your own city’s politics to get an idea of what it means where you are, but here is one very oversimplified idea:

9-11 calls that aren’t about violent events shouldn’t be sent to police officers. They have more important things to do than remove the homeless guy sitting outside the Starbucks. There are people who went into Social Work because they want to HELP the homeless and if we spent some of our tax dollars funding Social Workers, training them, giving them ways to support the homeless, our police officers, who have been trained to deal with criminals, can do the work they were hired to do.

That’s one aspect of “defunding the police” that I can get behind. THAT ACTUALLY HELPS OUR POLICE OFFICERS DO THEIR JOB!
Before shooting down an idea, research it.

Finally regarding #SayHerName – That phrase is used to remind people that Breonna Taylor and others are still waiting for her killers to be arrested. Using that phrase for Cannon is not only inappropriate, it’s unnecessary. His killer has been arrested.

I will close by reminding you that this is my blog. I wrote this because I’m tired of seeing the misinformation floating around on the internet.

I will delete comments that are hateful. You have your space to share your opinions… this is mine.

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