Moving is not always fun

The teens made some really great friends just before we left Germany, making leaving extra hard for them.

Parker was ready to get to a new adventure and meet some new friends.

Anna is along for any adventure!

The first two weeks were rough for the teens. Parker made a new friend and they’ve done a little hanging out, but for the most part, he sticks close to home. Many of the neighborhood kids are staying home and inside due to COVID.

Anna has met a number of kids but, again, due to COVID, we aren’t hosting, nor are we going to others’ homes. She does see the same group of kids at the pool on a daily basis, but about two weeks into being here homesickness hit her pretty hard.

She began asking me if we could go visit Adeline, a friend who lives on Kelley (back in Germany). I told her that someday we may be able to do that… then her questions began to reveal something going on… she asked, “When we go visit Adeline, can we just stay there forever?”

One afternoon, as I was putting her down for her nap, she started whimpering and said she never wanted to move to New York, just wanted to come and see everything. She wanted to go play at the mushroom park.

Oh, baby girl!

We had this conversation once or twice so when she fell on the way home from the pool one day and we had to stop to get a bandaid (I always have some in my wallet) I could tell that she was about to tell me this story again.

I recorded her tears and got a laugh out of a literal “SQUIRREL!” moment.

I hope you’ll listen to her little heart and say a prayer for her and all Mil-Kids who have to move whether they like it or not. And say a few extra prayers for those moving during a pandemic – it is hard enough to make new friends under normal circumstances. Trying to do so while navigating a global pandemic has been brutal.

(This is an audio I recorded using voice recorder… I knew that if I turned on the camera she’d notice and I wouldn’t catch her real thoughts.)

“Catching fireflies are my favorite. There were no fireflies in Germany so I promised to catch fireflies here.”

“…the mushroom park, of course… I wanted to play in sand!”


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2 Responses to Moving is not always fun

  1. S Tem says:

    Breakin’ my heart and making me cry. I’m with you Anna. I want to just come here to see all the things, but still live in Germany! My friends are back there as are my favorite places.

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