Weeks 3 and 4 in NYC!

24th: The view of the bridge from just outside of our house. I walked by the front window and saw that everting looked pink-tinged. Stepped outside to this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0499.jpeg

25th: I got Anna’s room mostly done. Bed on the floor so she doesn’t jump back and forth from it to the trampoline.

26th: We ordered a garage door keypad. Makes living life on foot (bike) much easier. No need to go in the house and then open the garage, to park the bikes.

Carson took this picture of a gorgeous sunset that evening.

27th: One of the kids not going to the pool got an ear infection. Fortunately the Urgent Care just outside the gate is seeing patients!

Brand new facilities.

After the doctor’s office and pharmacy to pick up meds, Bailey, Parker, Anna, and I headed to the Central Park Splash Pad. (We picked up Chick-fil-a and ate it on a bench by the splash pad.) I had promised the kids we’d come back prepared to play in the water when we first visited Central Park on the 14th.

When the littles had had enough playing in the water we went to the Bronx to see the Joker Stairs.

30th: I took an 11 mile bike ride along the beltway and got some fun pictures of Manhattan as well as our bridge from both directions. They’ll be boring to most people but I thought you may get a kick out of this road sign just outside of our base.

31st: I finally received the second box of school books that I had mailed to myself and dug into school planning for the 2020-2021 school year.

Aug 1st: Most of the family went to Staten Island to get a free up-close view of the Statue of Liberty! (Bailey stayed home and worked on music stuff. He got a beat pad and can record stuff on Garage Band.)

2nd: Parker and Anna were watching Hey Jesse on Disney+ and saw the splash pad in Central Park we just went to! HOW COOL!!?!?!

3rd: And… after weeks of being with the entire family I needed some time alone, so I decided to combine that with exercise. I took a bus/train to Coney Island and walked/ran along the board walk.

NOT MY IMAGE! I got it from the NYC Parks and Rec website, but you can see the boardwalk and “our bridge” in the background! Cool shot!

5th: Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Isaias came through and left damage in its wake. Our house and yard were spared, but there were trees down all over post.

We are settling and starting to get our bearings. We like being here so far, but wish things were a little more normal. We can’t just meet neighbors and make friends… so there’s an added loneliness to being in a new place.

There are a few bright spots that I’ll share in a future post as well as a heart-break. A cliffhanger… the one struggling the most is probably not the one you’d expect…

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2 Responses to Weeks 3 and 4 in NYC!

  1. Sheri Prescott says:

    Ahh! I’ve missed so much and love these updates! What adventures!!! It looks like NYC is starting out AMAZING for the Hamricks! Anna’s bedroom is beautiful – love the balance beam and ballerina pictures, too! So many hugs from down south and grateful you are settling in!

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