Second week in NYC!

The second week we did a little less sight-seeing as we were busy receiving our HHGs but I made it a point to take the kids to the pool every time it was open (and once, when it was not).

16th: The timing of our move turned out wonderfully. We landed on Friday, got our house on Tuesday, and our HHGs on Thursday (and Friday). The Fort Hamilton pool also happened to open for the first time on Thursday so we were there on day one. I knew that having a pool pass was going to pay for itself but I hadn’t anticipated just how well. As it turns out, Anna-girl sleeps really well after a couple of hours in the the pool!

17th: More receiving HHGs and another pool day. We had pizza and cheesesteaks delivered to our door (magical!) and so far, have only found one other pizza place we like better – Famous Rays on 49th and 7th, in Manhattan. Our dining room was still not in usable condition so we ate on the back deck. Please note the DUKES Mayo on the table! Thank you, Fort Hamilton DECA, for stocking the correct brand of mayonnaise.

18th: Unpacking, sorting, and putting things in place.

She may have been a little tired on the walk home from the pool… and didn’t want her picture taken. (Notice the playground in the middle-ground… more on that in a bit.)

19th : Matt and I had our first date in quite some time. We went to DUMBO, an area of Brooklyn that’s famous for its views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. DUMBO stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” On this date Matt and I ate at a restaurant on the water, still in disbelief that we are here, and that we live here. This assignment was a dream come true for him (it’s a job Matt’s excited about) and for me, as I’ve always wanted to live in NYC. It’s tempting to act like tourists and want to squish everything into the next few days, as one typically does when visiting New York, but we have to remind ourselves we have the luxury of time. We can afford to see a little at a time. (And yet we still go on an adventure a couple of times a week! – I’m writing this on Aug 13th and with school starting next week, that will change a bit.)

We had a number of purchases to make at IKEA but the biggest was lighting for our china cabinets and the cabinets in the kitchen. Love how they turned out! I need to get more pics and I’ll update later.

The line was atrocious, but we had taken trains/busses to get there and we weren’t leaving without our treasures.

Felt like locals taking a bus/train with items for our house. And we purchased the black rolling cart… absolute necessity for life on foot.

20th: Matt and I practiced a marriage enrichment activity and put together the beast… half of it, anyway. The only half that survived.

After another day of sorting and organizing, I took the kids to the pool again only to realize that it was closed. Apparently, it’s closed on Mondays! We decided to just hang out at “Gregory Park.” That is not the official name of the park. Anna and Parker gave it this name and so it is, forevermore, ‘Gregory Park.’

The view of the bridge is breathtaking from there.

Anna is amazing on the monkey bars and Parker has learned several new tricks on his skateboard.

21st: Anna is getting better at swimming. She’s never been afraid of water (which is dangerous for a non-swimmer). I knew I had to teach her to swim, which happens to be a skill I have. I was a life guard and swim instructor in high school and college! I took the puddle-jumper (float) for a week or so, but also really wanted to teach her to be water-safe. They won’t let her jump off the diving board with the float on but will allow me to be in the deep end with her, so once she had mastered swimming about 10 feet, I would have her jump off the diving board, swim to me, catch her breath, and then swim on to the ladder.

The next task was mastering floating, something her little body has to work hard to do with zero body fat!

To save time and energy I put the week’s swimming videos in a compilation. Comparing how well she swims now to this video is amazing! As of today (Aug 13th) she is diving for toys on the bottom of the shallow end.

Weeks 3 & 4 will be combined! Stay tuned!

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