Our first week in NYC!

We hit the ground running. Our household goods were ready for us the day before we flew and the next available date for us to receive them was July 16th – exactly one week after we flew. That was perfect timing as we were going to receive the keys for our house on the 14th.

We filled the week with trips around Brooklyn and to Manhattan a couple of times. I also asked around for the best to place to buy bikes for the kids (as most places we’ve seen are sold out due to COVID) and someone on Fort Hamilton had three he was giving away. BRAND NEW!

So, here’s a fly-by of our first week here!

10th: We were given a walk-through of our new house. We explored the post and recovered from the flights.

11th: We walked to see the Statue of Liberty. She’s pretty small from where we are but you can see her and the tip of Manhattan.

I’m zoomed WAY in.

In the following slideshow you will see some pretty expensive real estate here in Bay Ridge – including FRANK REAGAN’S HOUSE from Blue Bloods!

“Our bridge” at dusk with a storm rolling in. Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

12th: We went to Manhattan for the first time. Matt and I have been there multiple times as tourists and the bigs were there when they were babies, but none of them remember it. Carson and Bailey were not feeling it so they stayed at the hotel.

Famous Rays Pizza (49th and 7th… so far it’s been the best pizza I’ve had… not sure if it’s really famous or if that’s just their name. đŸ˜‚)

Times Square nearly empty. My parents saw us on the Live Feed!
We went to the M&M’s and Disney stores and there were dozens of employees. They seemed so happy to be at work and there were at least three cleaning shelves, handles, buttons, walls… it seemed that they want to be visibly proactive so their guests feel comfortable shopping.
Oh, and the Naked Cowboy photobombing the strangest photoshoot I’ve ever seen… a dad and his kids dressed in pink feathers dancing in Times Square…

Rockefeller Center and a Street Artist.

This church is the one they use in Blue Bloods. We pass it every time we go to the R-train (which we take to get anywhere).

13th: We were invited to our friends’ house for dinner (so thoughtful of them!!) and we thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It’s been a very long time since we were with people in their home, due to COVID, and it was really nice to be in a settled home for the first time since our stuff left on May 12th.

Anna had a blast catching lightening bugs and the boys went for a late-night game of basketball.

14th: WE GOT OUR HOUSE! But since we didn’t have our stuff, we accepted the keys and then went on an adventure.

Parker really wanted to see Central Park so we went back to Manhattan. Black Live Matter has been in the news and, while we don’t support the organization, we do believe that black lives matter, and feel strongly that people should be able to say those words without having their intentions questioned. The Mayor and others painted the words just outside of Trump Tower on July 9th and we wanted to see it.

We had Chick-fil-a for the first time! Had to eat it on the sidewalk because there is no indoor seating in NYC at the time.

Central Park has a splash pad which I promised the kids I’d bring them to! (I followed through on the 27th.) The rocks are fun to climb on!

The carousel is closed for now…

We found out that we don’t like the ice cream from the New York Ice Cream Truck…

Brooklyn Bridge from the train crossing the Manhattan Bridge:

Our bridge and our flag.

New bikes!

15th: I documented (took photos of) all the scratches, dents, broken things in the house so that we wouldn’t be held responsible for them when we move out. Not much going on other than our first trip to Target. You know you live in NYC when you have to take a train to Target! We also unashamedly ate CFA again! We ate just outside the Barclay’s Center. Anna fed the birds.

Stay tuned for week 2!

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