Leavin’ on an Airbus 330…

Leaving Germany was so weird this time. There were very few farewells, almost no hugs goodbye. There were people I wanted to visit with one last time but with social distancing in effect I couldn’t. Our bigs were able to hang out with their friends quite a bit the last week so I believe they got their farewells in, which, to be honest, probably made things harder for them.

Pictures sent to me by neighbors are treasures… some of the pics were sent by neighbors who didn’t even have teens in this group. They just loved seeing the teens out there hanging out – it speaks to the character of these teens that other people are going to miss seeing them out on the playground and I’m sad to have to separate them.

“I will miss seeing this outside. Thanks for raising such good people. ❤️
~a neighbor
Another neighbor, mom to a few of these teens, sent me this picture and note:
“At least they got some play time in! I feel like it got them thru half of the summer…”
The day before we flew…

Parker was done… he said goodbye in a group hug (shhhh…. don’t tell anyone) and then refused to go hang out with his buddies again even though we were at the house cleaning and preparing for clearing… he just couldn’t do the goodbye again.

Anna just wanted more time in the sandbox with her friends… and by friends, there are a few by name, but for her, anyone out there was her friend. She’s like her mama!

Let me back up a bit… I want to cover our last week in Germany in this one post, because time is flying and I want to get caught up.

Our Amsterdam trip was June 28-July 1.

We had a lovely Independence Day celebration on Kelley, which is quite spectacular, considering that we assumed the celebrations would be canceled altogether due to COVID. Typically there’s a huge gathering on Patch with live musicians, bouncy houses, food trucks, and a major fireworks display. (Past Independence Days in Stuttgart: 2018; 2019.) This year, they scaled it down considerably (just fireworks) BUT had them on all four of the posts. Great plan if you ask me!

July 5th we picked up a car that some friends loaned to us for the final week.

July 6th we returned the ACS stuff we’d borrowed (pots and pans; silverware; plates; cups; iron and ironing board; etc) and our UAB was picked up. (UAB – Unaccompanied Baggage – our own belongings that we kept with us to make life more comfortable from the date our HHGs were picked up until time to actually leave – a TV; excess clothing; my Roomba; random things we missed sending in the first shipment).

July 7th we dropped off the Truckster to be shipped and checked into the hotel with all of our luggage. We then went back to the house thinking we’d be done cleaning by 4 or so. NOPE! We didn’t finish until 7:30, but we were determined NOT to quit until we were done. We didn’t want to have to do any cleaning the next morning… the day of clearing.

July 8th Matt headed back to the house to clear alone as I had a dental appointment, which ended up getting canceled. We happen to have some friends on Kelley who own an NV and they were kind enough to let us borrow it to get to the airport. We picked it up, along with our teens, who had been having one last fun day with their friends (see pics above the 4th of July slideshow).

The stood on the corner and waved goodbye! (Scroll through slideshow.)

July 9th we woke up ready to fly, and said our farewells to Landon and Monica in the hotel parking lot. (It sucked. No sugar coating it.)

We drove over to Kelley to pick Jasmine up, (our NV friend) and had a quick farewell at drop-off.

Our first flight was pretty full. The second, an Airbus 330 can seat 277 passengers. There were 14 on that flight. We were literally half of the passengers!

This was my view for the entire flight. A mostly-empty plane. Good service!

Absolutely uneventful flight. We were fed two full, hot meals, plus snacks. Anna was a champ and slept for about 2 hours. She watched a lot of TV and played the kids’ games on the screen in front of her.

When we landed we had to have our temperature taken and turn in a form that stated where we were coming from and where we were heading.

Hard to see, but this is “our bridge” – the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.
(From June 24th… view of “our bridge” from just in front of our house.)

Our friends (from a previous duty station) picked us up in their two cars and took us to our new home, Fort Hamilton.

We landed on the 9th, got our house on the the 14th, our HHGs on the 16th, and our long–term storage {washer/dryer/fridge/freezer} on the 24th. Such great timing. The Lord paved the way for us and we are grateful!

Stay tuned for our adventures during our first two weeks in NYC!

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